Campaign Map (after Kenebraes) - Leading your legion

So I completed the battle of Kenebraes and began the tactical section where my army is supposed to attack Dresden. I’d like to share my initial experience of this:

I started out moving around the map with my character and did a side quest (an imp and a ring) then went to the first demon army.

  1. I was able to move on top of the demon army but nothing happened
  2. I couldn’t enter the demon army or otherwise engage it like a location normally would

Then I noticed I had a ‘legion’ marker too and that I could move that around as well.

  1. I moved the legion to the demons first army to fight it
  2. My army had 100 men and we won but lost 50 men

I then ran out of movement for the legion. I assumed that to move further I maybe needed to rest.

  1. I moved my player piece on top of the legion but there didn’t seem to be a way to join it or rest with them or anything.
  2. I clicked camping button to see if that would give me more movements but I was unable to hunt so had to use supplies instead
  3. After resting my army got more movement for my legion (although now I am thinking that pressing ‘skip day’ would probably have done the trick)

I moved to the next demon army with my legion and promptly got wrecked.

I recruited another army and moved them to my party playing piece bit again there didn’t seem to be any way to ‘lead them’ or merge the two peices.

This time I took the legion to a different demon army (this time they had a castle icon and seemed to block my parties movement).

When I fought these guys there was a giant cultist on the other side. He seemed to cast bane so I assumed maybe he was the enemy general? How do I get to be the general of my own army!? Is there any way for me to have my party help out or actually join the legion?

I feel like my 100 swordsmen would really benefit from a few fireballs on their side.

You can hire general, but cannot make one out of companions or MC.
To hire general, next to Army 1 tab that shows movement points is Setting button. Generals have great passives, but attack spells are really weak(kills 1-2 enemy), buffing your biggest unit is better.

Yes, Skip Day button is helpful for this, also moving your party passes time too so during that movement points also can get restored.

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Also generals get exp when they participate in fights, meaning if only 1 general is in all fights his units can become very strong.

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Thanks for the tips, I will have another go.