Camellia quest and Shaman MC

Is Shaman MC can sense than spirits is fake on Camellia act 3?

I’m not sure… but I also see not how it could be the case. Camellia is a real Shaman, therefore her spirits in general must be real, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to cast spells. She might lie about details, of course.

But what about “Spirit in the amulet” thing? Shaman MC should sense this, and then say than this is not spirit amulet, and just enchanted one. Or she purposefully enchanted it with minor spirit?

And he should sense than good spirit of Sarkorian land exists (especially if MC is merged Angel).

It is explained toward the end of her story, the amulet has extremely powerful enchantments on it to block any kind of divination magic or similar. So your shaman main character would be suspicious maybe (which everyone should be lets be honest) but you will have no proof.