Camellia is a beast

Nuff said. Get her icy protector as early as possible. Not hard to get her ac to 30 by lvl 4. She does better as a tank then seela. …but i think shes going to kill me in my sleep someday.

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Seelah tanks fine as well if you find her the Mithril Shield and get Barkskin on her (Sosiel’s Shield of Faith is +3 at lvl 6 as well). But Seelah does solid damage right out of the box while Camellia’s doesn’t get there until you get Mythic Finesse.

Big opportunity cost on that 8000 gold and Hex slot when she doesn’t get another Hex for several levels and Hampering Hex is so good/unique.

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AC comparison will depend on who is in party, when I had both Seelah and Cam in party I had 1 AC more on Seelah, but without Cam, who gives Seelah Barskin, she had 2 AC less.
Cam will probably will be able to have more AC after mythic feats are fixed with Wind spirit’s Mage Armor and mythic feat Mage Armor +1AC per Mythic level.

My point was that the opportunity cost to get there is too high. She’s fine but not broken by any means. There are other ways to get Natural Armor for Seelah (I’ve been making her a Bard in any case which gets her into Mirror Image soon enough, and there’s a perfect Armor for that in Underground Hideout) though you’ll be one AC behind Camellia casting Barkskin on her much of the game (unless MC is Druid/Alchemist/etc…).

Camellia wants Hampering Hex, Battle Mastery, Ward, Fortune, Protective Luck, and the Dazzling Display/Metamagic Hexes more than Iceplant depending how you build her. The main things you’re worried about aren’t attacking AC.

Second Spirit is not currently working but there are options there that are better than just some AC as well.

I mainly used her as a buffbot and a tank as well. As @Desiderius mentioned, she does good damage once she gets mythic weapon finesse. I liked having the extra 4 AC with the hex and ring as well. I find that a lot of the hexes require quite a bit of micromanagement when using her. Especially, the defensive ones. As opposed to Ember, who I just autocast slumber, evil eye, or weakening hex. Camellia I found to be fairly useful in melee due to her high AC though, unlike most clerics (without a reach weapon). I suppose it just depends what you want to do with her.

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I’ll probably end up keeping her until Aru shows up although she snowballs well. Using her action economy for anything other than attacking feels like wasting half her archetype, the only question is how important is that extra AC if you just Hampering Hex first round before joining the fray.

High AB mobs will have other targets by then and 8000 gold is a lot early (really want Perception/Trickery Ring and Compulsion Immunity headband for starters). Passive Hexes are a good fit but you can get Ward, the free Dazzling Display (to get you to Shatter), and the Metamagic feat (Secret) as well.