Camellia - Demon Hunter

See what I did there? Spirit Hunter + Demonslayer…

Anyways…Do you want to play a Shaman for some reason? Still want Camellia to be a useful part of your party? This build might work for you. We keep some of the better parts of her class, and then go all out on shield bash. You’ll be staying Shaman for the first few levels. This will get you iceplant, battle ward and some weapon enhancements. So, you’ll be able to have 2 enhancements up at any given time. Keen for instance, before you have improved critical. To get yourself that sexy 15-20 threat range. That will equal a lot of bashing finishes. Then we go for demonslayer to get some style feats, BAB and favored enemy so you can actually hit something. To top it off, for flavor/story; I’ve taken Hunter’s Bond instead of an animal companion. At max level, this will allow you to give the whole party a +4 bonus to attack and damage to any outsiders you’re fighting. With gear, this will likely last the whole of each encounter. That’s better than you’ll get out of most bard builds. She’ll also have access to shatter quite early, though she’ll want someone else to do the demoralizing.

Obviously, this route will take away all of those higher level shaman spells, but you’ll be built into a pretty damn decent ranger with some additional protection and some weapon enhancements. I did not go freebooter, because their bond requires flanking and the demonslayers higher favored enemy bonus really lends itself well to this setting. You’ll be getting +8 to attack and damage without any buff activation against those foes at max level.

Neutral Half-Elf
Str 11
Dex 19>24
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 13

Final build: Spirit Hunter 5 / Demonslayer 15
Main Skills: Trickery (Max), Stealth (Max), Perception (Max)
Suggested Secondary Skills: Mobility 3, UMD, Knowledge: World
Background: Courtier
Suggested Favored Enemy: Monstrous Humanoid/Undead/Magical Beasts/Aberrations
Suggested Favored Terrain: Urban/Abyss/Underground

Lvl 1: Shaman - Skill Focus: Trickery, Weapon Finesse
Lvl 2: Shaman - Hex: Iceplant
Lvl 3: Shaman - Weapon Focus: Rapier
Lvl 4: Shaman - Hex: Battleward
Lvl 5: Shaman - Dazzling Display // +2 Weapon Enhancements
Lvl 6: Ranger
Lvl 7: Ranger - Outflank // Weapon and Shield Style > Shield Focus
Lvl 8: Ranger
Lvl 9: Ranger - Shatter Defenses
Lvl 10: Ranger
Lvl 11: Ranger - Improved Critical: Rapier, Two Weapon Fighting
Lvl 12: Ranger
Lvl 13: Ranger - Shield Bash
Lvl 14: Ranger
Lvl 15: Ranger - Shield Master, Bashing Finish
Lvl 16: Ranger
Lvl 17: Ranger - Combat Reflexes
Lvl 18: Ranger
Lvl 19: Ranger - Improved Two Weapon Fighting // Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Lvl 20: Ranger

Mythic Feats/Abilities (A lot of this is TBD. You may want to change the order based on your preferences)

Lvl 1: Enduring Spells (Optional, I hate constantly buffing)
Lvl 2: Weapon Finesse (Mythic)
Lvl 3: Greater Enduring Spells (Again, totally optional)
Lvl 4: Improved Critical (Mythic)
Lvl 5: Leading Strike (Make this your first pick if you don’t care about the buffs)
Lvl 6: Two Weapon Fighting (Mythic)
Lvl 7: Ever Ready
Lvl 8: Shield Focus (Mythic)
Lvl 9: Mythic Charge
Lvl 10: Flawless Attacks

Gear: Best Rapier and whatever light or medium armor that makes the best use of your high dexterity bonus. Iceplant Ring. +Dex and Wis items.

Here she is with no buffs or gear:

Feedback is welcome!

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Loving your builds, can’t wait to try some of them out when the beta is released.

Thanks! I might have to tweak them a bit when beta comes out and various feats are added/changed. There aren’t a ton of melee oriented mythic feats for instance. At least, compared to archers. I’m doing another alpha playthrough now as we’re still waiting for beta. I might pop up a couple of detailed spell lists in the next couple of days for the classes that I missed early on.

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Yeah the refresh key on my browser is getting worn out as I look for the announcement of the beta release. :grinning:

I still need to decide on my main character. I usually do a good arcane caster of some sort, but between the unfriendliness of caster DPS, and my enjoyment of the lich play through, I’m torn.

Also, just to keep this someone on target of Camellia, if she isn’t evil, I don’t know who is. Even my lich had feelings of “dang, girl, you have some issues…”

I thought that the mission in Gwerm’s Manor was interesting. At first, I thought that all of those “torture” instruments were his. But, are they more likely to be hers? It also seems a little odd that he follows you around during the crusade. Unlike most nobles. I’m liking how her story is shaping up though. She’s probably one of my favorite companions so far.

She’s actually my most reliable melee, I must have accidentally built her well. I would love to have her go TWF somehow, and lose the buckler.

As for her story, and not to be too spoilery, I was all in until the basement scene. My bad, evil, dark lich was literally mouth half agape saying “Wait… you want to what now?”

You could just drop the shield stuff from the above build. And push the two handed fighting feats forward. Demonslayer will give you massive attack and damage bonuses anyways. Plus, you get the bonus feats for ranger.

I could easily see it being the most common class for multiclassed builds. Especially, in WotR. I mean, it works for everything that is not a caster. And, you can get a pet out of it.

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I think I’ll end up trying that. At least in Kingmaker, I found that pushing AC was a diminishing return. After a certain point enemies seemed able to land hits fairly consistently regardless of AC. I had to augment with things like Displacement, Mirror Image, Stone Skin and the like to either force a miss, or mitigate the damage.

I lot of that was due to touch attacks near the end though. Specifically, ghosts and Wild Hunt. Most demons should have natural attacks. So, a high straight AC should benefit. But, there are plenty of enemy types, regardless.

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