Camellia action economy

Would be a good idea to make an agile Rapier available somewhere in the earlyish game (well-hidden) so she can keep up with the other Companions until she can get Mythic Finesse. She holds her own at that point especially as her Weapon Enchantment and Battle Mysteries kick in but lags well behind before then.

Maybe start her with a non-agile one that extends Hex duration by a round to encourage that alternative action economy (Hampering Hex, etc…) until her damage capacity develops. Then when you find the agile one you have an interesting decision.

Why waste a mystic talent on that? she should gets weaponfocus anyway and slashing grace works with rapiers after all.

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At the moment mystic finesse gives dex to damage to ALL weapons, including ranged weapons and melee weapons that are not finesse weapons.

I have reported this as bug.

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I can see it either way. It’s a mythic feat, not a mythic talent. Not clear which one is in shorter supply for a hybrid class.

Fencing Grace works with Rapiers.

Also remember that pressing alt+b while hovering over the character and adding a suggestion that way is the preferred way to handle suggestions in the alpha.

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She’s already stretched on Feats. Rapiers typically will have some agile versions to be found.