Buy Alpha or is Beta near?

Hey Guys,

Found out that there will be another Pathfinder and wanted to buy it, but as I was reading that Alpha 2 is nearly finished I am not sure if Beta is near and I should buy the game and extra a alpha pass for it.

Any clew if it it would be enough time for the alpha or should I wait for the beta? And will there be the need to buy afterwards a beta key?

Thanks for the help. Cheers Mario

My recollection is that beta is a separate purchase from alpha.

I’ve havent heard anything about timing. Maybe someone has heard something on discord.

For what it’s worth, I prefer to playtest alpha vs beta. It gives the game time to grow or change before live, which can leave me surprised. Also, games tend to be more flexible in alpha with larger design changes possible.

Ok, so if I understand correctly with my moderate level of English, you have paid for alpha, and when beta comes you will need to buy a beta key to help them develop and test their game which they sell also?

Why don’t the alpha key grant you also beta access as you provide them with input which normally they have to hire someone? That’s kind of weird. But I understand your point that you want to input the development. That’s honorable.

But I think I will wait until beta if you will need to buy additional for the access. Thank you for your time and effort to answer my question.

I double-checked on the pre-order, internal webpage. Alpha costs $15 USD. There isn’t an option to purchase Beta access. I have assumed that Beta will be a separate purchase because one of the Kickstarter bundles includes Beta access and because Alpha access was added later as a separate purchase. But I might be wrong about that.

It’s surprisingly awesome. I’d just get it…again. You get a ton of playtime. There aren’t that many bugs. And, it’s probably one of my favorite things to play right now. I can’t wait for the full release. And, though I can’t play it at the moment (I’m working a ton) I’m constantly checking the forums for new info on it.

Thank you for your opinion. Is in the Alpha the full story playable or is there a “wall” like in baldurs gate 3?

you cant play the full story from what i heard, but i think that they will expend the playable Story bit by bit

Thank you for the information. Cheers

Prolog + first 3 chapters are playable in 2nd alpha.

three of the six chapters so far