But why don't we just resurrect them?!

I’ve noticed at least two characters in this game who could be in dire need of resurrection spells. Yet, I never get the option to use them.

I can understand an argument against doing it for Jaethal; she was directly chosen by a deity and that deity will probably look at the mortal magic you’re casting and go “oh that’s adorable” and block it. Besides which, Jaethal likely wouldn’t accept the spell.

But ekundayo? How much of his life could you improve by razzing his family? I’ve got 12 diamonds, resurrection costs 2 diamonds a casting, I dont mind losing 6 diamonds to revive his family. I dont think that raise dead or resurrection carry the negative level thing in this game either, so it wouldn’t be a matter of them being too weak to rez.

I’m sure theres more cases where I should be able to resurrect somebody to prevent future heartache, and if anyone has some I’d love to hear them. :slight_smile:


This. I would love to see an RPG where the player can resurrect NPCs to solve problems.


I just found your post trying to figure out if there was eventually a way to do just that! I might not have the funds now, but resurrecting them seems like such an obvious goal for the future. You could even make a (rather grim) quest of it if you had to go track down the bodies.

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The is a good reason why any decent DM forbids that garbage, death should be final.

I’m not sure about Golarion, but as far as I know, they are in their own “paradise”, on their god’s plane and live a good afterlife. Besides, in the FR (again, not sure whether it’s the same in Golarion), souls are shown to forget a bit of their life before death. Why would they accept to go back to the hurdles and pain of material life ? One has to have a strong will and reason to go back in order to be able to remember their purpose (or get revenge, or save/protect strongly loved ones, etc.) and accept to come back. And with Resurrection, they would still gain one permanent negative level or 2 CON points (no such thing with 9th-level True Resurrection, but it costs more).
And the caster or their customer would have spent a small fortune for nothing, unless they Spoke with Dead first, of course (but I’m not sure the spell is in Kingmaker)…

Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can’t be resurrected by normal Resurrection. And Jaethal probably would not let you destroy her first anyway, or if you change her mind, she will be resurrected by Pharasma.
For Ekun, in what state is his family? If they are eaten good luck finding their remains, so you would need True Resurrection again.

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Wow forgot about this topic lol.

Yes after thinking about it for a few minutes, it’s fairly clear you’d need True Resurrection for Ekun’s family. So this obviously isn’t something you could do early in the game (though it might make for a fun optional ending bonus! Spend like 100k or so to rez his family when you’re sitting on over a million)

I do not agree that “any decent DM forbids that garbage,” but I do think there are campaigns where it makes sense to at minimum restrict access to resurrections. That said, ultimately, as a DM I would rule in favor of whatever provided the group the most enjoyment. If they all want permadeath, then I don’t mind taking away the resurrection spells, but I’m probably going to lower the damage the monsters do because unlike normal book rules they can’t be brought back. However, if they’re not fans of permadeath, I leave resurrection spells in place. I’d scale the damage up or down depending on how readily available it was, since…well, the more available it is, the less likely it is that a player loses their character forever to one really bad roll.

I would however at least try to keep Breath of Life in any game I ran, because that’s less “I drag your soul back from the beyond” and more “Magic CPR.” Would…likely keep Reincarnate as well, if only because it allows for lots of fun possibilities. But again, if all the players were vehemently against such things (I have never met a player group that would turn their nose up at Breath of Life; even the 1e/2e D&D group I played in back in the day allowed the Death’s Door spell), I would most likely take those out.

Well I handle this case very carefully as a gamemaster in PF. If you gift your golarion and players with easy access to resurrection, then death (Player or NPC/Quest related) is only a joke like “Hell, stop crying here are two diamonds” . This woud go against my own view of pnp, where adventures shoud be at least a little bit dangerous to provide excitment and death shoud be a permanent one (even if its just for Pharasmas sake xd). And ofc in mid to late game resurecction is possible for every cleric or adventurer with enough gold, but even then I woud design my world against it, so that its still a possibility, but not a death cheat. For example you can claim their soul as Pharasma and mortals cant do shit against her or you can always make it an adventure itselfe,maybe because you have to find the bodies, the priest or similar to get sth out of your party.

But I have to agree: A quest or an ending, where resurrection changes everything? Count me in!

If you wanted to make it so that the players can be brought back but not most NPCs, you could have the gods (i.e. Pharasma like you said) say that it’s not the adventurers’ time to die yet and so she’ll allow it. I would probably weigh letting them use resurrection on an NPC depending on several factors, i.e. whether the story is improved by the character staying dead or not, whether the plot itself requires they stay dead, and just how much trouble the heroes go through to resurrect them.

Example: If the players manage to defeat a Graveknight, and find the only survivor with an even remotely intact body is a young girl barely holding on by a thread, and they’re unable to heal her before she passes. Then the players go through the trouble of petitioning a temple of Pharasma for a resurrection, but the priests are a bit unsure because they’ve been having to deal with Urgathoan cultists going undercover as pilgrims and attacking churches lately. So, to prove their good intentions, the heroes go and fight the Urgathoan cult, and return bearing a relic sacred to the faithful of Pharasma. If they’re willing to go through that much trouble…then I’ll probably let them go ahead and get the girl raised (though with that -2 Con she might be sickly for the rest of her life).

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Personally, I run and play PF in the DnD world called the Forgotten Realms. Death is mostly a part of screw-up, either on the part of the players (like one warrior who went up melee against a Dragon when he was naked with only his shield and mace) or the DM (who might did enough warning of something dangerous to the players so they could not anticipate, for isntance).

As a DM, I provide access to the Raise Dead series of spells, provided the PCs have the means to do it. For the above warrior, they had to sell some of their magic items (the temple of Selûne was willing to help, since the party had helped hem previously), and he’s playing a crisis of faith and depression at the moment, because death and resurrection are not simply a fun holiday trip, they are a traumatic experience. People experience trauma differently, obviously, but that was his way.

I also had one of my own PCs resurrected years ago following a DM screw-up. I played him another adventure but felt he lost his taste for adventure and he retired to live in a kind of quiet area among his people (which was destroyed by a wandering dragon the next year because of the Dracorage. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I have an idea of a new adventure thx a lot :wink:

You are so lucky that this is 1 warrior. I had this and similiar thing multiple times, of the top of my head these include

  • Player created goblin in anti-goblin campaing, after I said the city and surrounding areas are being repeatedly raided by goblins, and city has called on adventures to eridicate goblins
  • lvl 2 party were chasing and attacking Lich, they repeadly did 0 damage when they critted.
  • Similiar thing to adult silver dragon with lvl 3 party, they got knocked down below twice, both times immediatly went back up and started fighting it again (this was really bad party that thought that DM should never let party meet with creatures that they cannot defeat, and as such they deduced they could kill it)
  • Mage had prepared only fire spells, even after I said that portal leads to place full of fire elemental she refused to change them, started combat by blasting fire spells, eventually killed herself by her own metamagiced fireball when she used it on elemental that attacked her