Bummed but optimistic

So another patch came and went with still some issues. But, amongst that a bunch of much needed fixes. At this point I went ahead and just deleted my saves and plan to start over seeing as how the current patch has seemed to render them unplayable anyway. I’m not giving up hope though, this game is too amazing for me to do so. I’m just gonna backlog it for a few months until this all gets sorted out. Keep up the hard work and best of luck to sorting it all out!! I really hope this experience doesn’t discourage future console plans!!


I like your optimism, but I wouldn’t delete them all right now and wait for the next patch before doing so. Personally, I am not going to play this game until a few months. I’ll be following these boards even though I’m feeling like I should just uninstall this game and move on.

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I don’t feel like any of the patches so far have really addressed much of anything. It sounds like the biggest thing they fixed is Varnhold’s Lot, but I never played that anyway… I just want the main game to be stable and playable.

I am starting to agree with you, it might be not worth trying to play this game anymore for like the next 6 months. See what it’s like then…


I’m not optimistic at all. The only reason I’m on this forum is because I’m one of those ‘weird’ people who prefer CRPGs on console than PC.

I don’t feel like anything is getting fixed. Judging from the state of this forum and the game itself, it’s almost like Pathfinder has turned in to an early access title despite having been officially released 2 months ago.

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