Bug: Stuck autoscrolling in menus after loading or starting a new game

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

After loading or starting a new game, if I click the scroll bar in the inventory or controls section of the menu it’ll autoscroll as I move my mouse. It also messes with settings that have scrollbars as well as the category drop-down menu in the inventory.

It didn’t start occurring until earlier today. I first noticed it when it got stuck scrolling a bit while I was trading with a vendor in my capitol in Chapter 2. It doesn’t occur before loading a game or starting a new game, but once I do that it’s stuck continuing to autoscoll if I click any scroll bars. It also persists through restarting the game, restarting my computer, verifying the file integrity of the game files in Steam, and fully reinstalling the game.

I tried googling it and searching on here and the only thing I could find was disabling a driver in Device Manager called “HID-compliant game controller” under “3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator,” which I don’t have on my computer. I also don’t have any controllers plugged in so it’s not autoscrolling due to a stuck joystick