Bug report section of forums not loading correctly

Hey all, Was wanting to look at the bug reports and see if anyone has made a post(s) about some of the issues I’ve found. However, when I try to go to that part of the forums it seems as if it’s not working or I don’t have permission, yet. Is that behind another level of “trust”? Atm, mine is only lvl 1. Or do I need to put in a bug report for the forums? :stuck_out_tongue: hehe. Trying to add some humor. :slight_smile: Thanks for any information on this.

You should write them in Alpha section. There are now no bugs in this section because game is not released yet = there “can not be” bugs (only spoilers).

So please write them in alpha section only.

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I see no alpha section, thought this was it. Sorry about that.
Thought I had done all that I was supposed to do.

Odd, you can not get here:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.


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Yeah, i have the same problem, i canno’t go on the Alpha Bug Report section and I have a real problem that keeps me from doing anything on the Alpha, so where we suppose to report the problem if we are the “Oops ! That page doesn’t exist or is private” ?

I have the same problem, cannot enter alpha forum, so I am quite disconnected from info and I cannot share my info with others. The same problem is with discord, still no role for me :confused:

Same here :frowning:

Exactly same too. :worried:

So I am finally in alpha discord, DM Scion or problably someone else active from team, then you will be asked for screen shot and he can invate you directly as I was.