[BUG] Precision Damage negated by DR on valid hit

New Owlcat forum user here - was looking for where to post bug reports but couldn’t find a bug category on the forum. I see other bug reports posted here, so I’m “hoping” this is the correct location for that. I apologize in advance if that is not the case, and please feel free to move to the appropriate location if so.

In Pathfinder:
Precision damage is defined as being damage due to “knowing a weak spot” on the target, and is considered to be the same damage type as the weapon used to make the hit. (paraphrasing of course, and among other things)

So if for example, a creature (other than those immune to precision damage) has a DR and you use a weapon that bypasses that DR, you should still be able to do precision damage since the damage is of the same type as the weapon used.

Here’s what I encountered: Monk character level 7 using Unarmed strikes (with no weapons in hand) - at Level 7 a Monk’s unarmed strikes are considered cold iron/silver for purposes of DR calculations. Monk attacks werewolf that has DR/silver - Monk hits and has Teamwork Feat - Precise Strike providing 1d6 precision damage when flanked with another PC with same Teamwork.

Damage roll statistics for each of the Monks hits are basically all similar to the following example:

Each of the actual hits were similar with Precision damage somewhere from 1 to 6 points of damage all reduced to 0. If the precision damage is supposed to be the same damage as provided by the weapon used, then it should be doing 1d6 of silver based weapon damage and should be bypassing DR the same as the weapon itself according to Pathfinder rules.

After further analysis, I’ve found more interesting info as well.

Going back through the combat log, I found that Valerie (she also has the Teamwork feat “Precise Strike” and was the character that was flanking with my Monk during this battle) using a +1 Bastard Sword (no other features) was having the bastard sword’s damage reduced by 10 (as it should since it was not cold iron/silver) however, her Precision damage WAS NOT reduced. Go figure?

Note: I tried to simply edit my original post with this info and post the additional snippet showing the results but it didn’t allow me. So I hoped replying to my post would allow me to upload another picture, but it won’t. So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it until such a time that the forum allows me to put an additional inline picture in place.