bug? no arcane advisor slot will open

I don’t know which chapter I’m on. 5? 6? I just finished Amiri’s quest up on the northwest corner of the map, rescuing her after she got captured. My Arcane stat for my barony is at 67, but there’s no advisor slot open for Arcane.

Not entirely sure how it got this way. I think I solved the Dwarf dungeon back in chapter 2? before finishing something to do with the troll mage who’s supposed to be the first advisor. Too late now to load an old save game and start back then. Is there any way to fix this?

Is my kingdom eventually doomed without all 10 advisors, or can I continue this game without that one slot?

Never mind. A helpful moderator on Steam pointed out that I must have my Divine rank at 3 before the Arcane slot will open. I’ll go work on that now.

(I sincerely wish that training wasn’t an exclusive time-draining event that takes me away from my game-ending timer countdowns.)