BUG: Exit Throne Room into ... Other World?

Platform: Win 10

Do you have any mods? NO

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible: Finished the Season of Bloom. Came back to Capital. Did kingdom maintenance for a few months until the Varnhold Vanishing and Inconsequential Debates came up. Tried to exit Throne Room to see what the Sweet Teeth were up to. Ended up in an Other World zone with Amiri’s Smilodon, but no exit anywhere on the map.

Reloaded. Turned off the Magic Lantern. Exited. Stuck in same place.
Reloaded. Turned off, then removed the Magic Lantern. Exited. Same thing.
Reloaded, turned off, removed lantern (to chest in Throne Room), attempted to exit the capital altogether. Same thing. Stuck in Other World room with no exits, no mists, no way out but reloading last save.
Reloaded all the way back to my return from finishing Season of Bloom. No joy. Still landing in the Other World, even without the Magic Lantern even equipped on my character, let alone activated.

This is the second time I’ve suffered a play-ending/game-ending bug. It’s ridiculous. If the Magic Lantern screws things up outside the Season of Bloom, why not require it be handed in to the gnome before exiting? Or handed in outside the Other World?

Would be really excellent if I got some help on this one or even just, you know, an acknowledgement that someone at Owlcat Games gives a damn about bugs and wants to fix them.

Try to verify the integrity of the game files and try to reload a save files a few steps behind if possible.


And also, is it Nyrissa romance scene?

The timing and the zone seem to be that scene minus Amiri pet. Check the zone if Nyrissa is in there.

Game files verified. Tried reloading progressively older save files, but get the same problem each time and really don’t want to (shouldn’t have to) reload all the way back to the end of SOB.

Know nothing about romance scenes, with or without Nyrissa, but she’s not present in the zone, just Amiri’s pet. I’m nowhere near those scenes in timing, afaict. I think it’s a bug involving the effect of the Magic Lantern, but I’ve been through several zones with it on my belt with no apparent issues until now. (Including, more than one traverse into and out of the Capital and the Throne Room.)

I had this happen then found Nyrissa right when I was about to give up. She’s easy to miss along that ridge.

Right, but … I’m at the start of Varnhold’s Vanishing, and what I’ve read about Nyrissa’s romance, it begins well after that point. And it sounds like I’d have had to do something to trigger the attempt at romancing me, which I have not. At all.

Does she simply not show up if you hold down the TAB key and walk all over?

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I just remember thinking it was a glitch, giving up for the night then when I gave it one last try there she was. Has nothing to do with romance, she talks to you at different points throughout the game.

Ah, and you are correct. This time, when I loaded into the Other World from my Throne Room, there was the Guardian of the Bloom. Hadn’t been there before. And the exit only appears after you speak to her.

This seriously needs more breadcrumbs or tech support to say, hey, this is normal and you should look for this character to appear.

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