Bug change portrait

Ok so I recruit a mercenary for 2000gp.
And as I wanted that both my main character and my mercenary has a custom portrait. I have import a new image. And… The portrait of both my character has changed. I don’t remember if that was immediatly or later (I didn’t noticed).

So I tried to push the bug, I began a new adventure and I created a new character with new imported portrait. Then I loaded my previous savegame and… Shit… All my characters have changed their portraits in all custom portrait in all savegame.

And now I don’t see a way to edit my characters portrait during the game… So… Now I have two characters with the exact same portrait. So for now I will delete my savegame and stop playing with two characters custom portrait.

I thought we are only allowed 1 custom portrait at the time. Did you expect more? How? I mean, really, is there a way to add many custom portraits?

Pretty much every single other game in this genre has the ability to import portraits to your hearts content. I think it’s understandable that people would expect that here as well.

Well. As it is changing the portrait of every save. And also there really are not enough portrait available. They could at least permit ton change portrait during the game then.

Probably not every single one, but I agree (in general). It’s just something that was known - no ability to mod the game and they would have to walk an extra mile to add custom portraits. And they did! Actually, you can add to that custom folder as many portraits as you want. But only one set can be active in a time.

I though OP knew something I missed and there is a walk around that limitation.

I made 12 custom portraits. You just put them in their own directory in the portraits folder. I named my folders 001 through 012

It is working. I was actually deleting the previous folder that’s why it was doing that. The custom portrait is working just fine. Sorry for my mistake, it is not a bug at all. How can I delete this thread now ?

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Does anyone know where the portraits folder is located if you have a GoG install?

C:/Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/Owlcat Games/Pathfinder Kingmaker/Portraits

You might have to allow explorer to show hidden folders. Save games are in there too @Deekin

Thanks! Keep forgetting that my settings (to view hidden folder for instance) are wiped every now and then automatically by my wonderful OS.

If it makes you feel any better, I did the exact same thing last night, and just figured it out because of this thread.

At least you didn’t drop a couple of bug reports. I did. Those bug reports should have said, “I’m a giant idiot. Please fix me.”