Bug - Audio Stutter


Don’t know if there is a post already for this, had a look but couldn’t see - but in the Pathfinder game on a fresh install there is an incredibly bad audio choppyness.

Only happens in Pathfinder, saw some other people in steam forums state they had the issue - but didn’t see any pointers to resolutions etc.

Hi, I’m also new. I think I found a solution - at least it worked for me.

What I noticed when I went to the sound settings was that the default sound device was popping in and out. I right-clicked the sound-blaster icon and clicked ‘sound’, checked the output devices tab - one speaker was popping in and out. So, you have to go to Device manager settings → Sound, video and game controllers, and disable the device that is giving the trouble. In my case it was named High definition audio device, but it can be ATI HDMI Audio.

Hope this helps.