Buff presets interface

Something which I think would remove a lot of tedium from the game would be the ability to have a list of buff presets that apply to each character, such that upon activating it, all the relevant buffs that character can cast would be instantly applied to character in that position in the party, and the relevant spell slots. So if Ember has heroism listed for party members 1-8, it gets cast on each party member 1 through to 8 automatically, assuming the available spell slots are available.

I think this should only apply for buffs with a during of 1 minute per level or greater, so for round per level buffs, the buffing time could potentially account for a significant chunk of its duration. But if a buff lasts 10 minutes for example, the time it takes to buff up, whilst being rather tedious, isnt going to be a large proportion of its total duration in the great majority of cases.


Yea, I already asked for the possibility to chain my actions, like in other CRPGs.
Pretty tedious to do one after the other… In Pillars of Eternity, I had them all on a Bar and Ctrl clicked them one after the other.

You might want to take a look at the Mod on Nexus. Buff Bot, I think it’s called.
I have not tested it but slowly I get to the point where I need to use Tons of Buffs ^^

Considering Greater Enduring Spells, I do think this would be a nice add-on, though probably complicated to make as there’s nothing in the game for that already. But yes, in my last playthrough I had a whole ‘first encounter of the day’ ritual for Sosiel, a whole action bar full of buffs that lasted 24 hours and he only had enough memorized for the one casting of.

It took maybe 30 seconds to get through all of it.

I dont really to sink 2 mythic abilities into a convenience feature.

It’s not so much a ‘convenience feature’ as being able to only slot one spell slot for each of most of my buffs. 24-hour True Seeing or Communal True Seeing from one spell slot for each isn’t a ‘convenience feature’, it’s a major power boost.

Well the spell has to last at least 5 minutes, which in practice means a minute per level or more. And there is still a possibility of dispels anyway. No fight is going to last more than a minute per your current character level by the time you have 2 mythic abilities, and there are seldom serious rest restrictions in this game, so yes, in practice, its just a convenience feature, certainly not a major power boost, particularly given the opportunity cost of taking these abilities.

Also, full buffing is still tedious even once per rest that the feature would be welcome.

You’re missing the point, you don’t need to buff per encounter, or reserve spell slots for such. You only need to buff once between rests. That can be not just multiple encounters, but multiple whole maps through much of Act 3 and Act 5. That means you may only need 2 spells per level (assuming you have Communal versions) dedicated to buffing. That then means another 6+ for other spells, like damaging spells, nukes, CC, Dispel, etc.

That’s the power boost. Not avoiding repetitive buffing routines, but only needing to dedicate one spell slot to Bless, or Angelic Aspect, or Winds of Vengeance, thus freeing up all other spell slots of that level.

You dont need to buff per encounter for a minute per level spells. Saving spell slots is fairly pointless if its at the expense of abundant casting, so realistically, you are mythic rank 7 before you take rank 2 of this at earliest. A minute per level spells are 17 minutes at that level or more. You can clear maps in 1 or 2 casts of that length, and I cannot think of a situation where you could not rest between 17 minutes of game time.

So I am not missing the point, its a convenience feature. Unless you are targeting the achievement which specifically requires you to limit your rests, this is not as a practical matter player power. 2 mythic abilities per caster with buffs is a very high cost to save rebuffing time. And it still doesnt change the fact that rebuffing is time consuming. The feature would still be useful.

Who said 7th mythic rank for that? I stage my Abundant Casting by when the toons actually get spells of those levels. On my main buffers (Clerics), I take Abundant Casting at Rank I, Enduring Spells at Rank II, Improved Abundant Casting at Rank III, Greater Enduring Spells at rank IV, and Greater Abundant Casting at Rank V. The mythic feats for spellcasters are ok, but not as exceptional as these, so Rank II and IV are mythic abilities as well.

On my nuker casters, the first is Ascendant Element and then Abundant Casting, Improved Abundant Casting, maybe Expanded Arsenal or Mythic Spell Pen., then Greater Abudant Casting at V.

And again, this isn’t just one map. 24 hours allows you to do multiple maps on the world map without resting between them. Or buff up in your first random encounter and enter that starting area already buffed. There are a few areas that start you out in scripted combat.

Convenience is King.
Why are the players of this Game so backward?
This Game is supposed to go to Consoles and it is sold on Steam, but any kind of basic Feature
gets shut down by some Argument of “you could do this”, “this is how it’s ever been”, “this is Pathfinder”, “you have to this and this and this and that, then it works”…

Nobody has the time or the nerve to do all the things that the Community suggests to do instead of having a Feature for it.

You are only supposed to be able to select a mythic ability with a mythic feat once, so yes, you would need to be mythic rank 7 to get all 5 abilities.

Also, you are forgoing ascendant element and mythic spell penetration to build the character as you describe. Unless you are doing no offensive casting at all, this is clearly a very bad idea.

Additionally, the mythic ranks correspond to the following character levels:

1 - 6
2 - 8 (abundant casting 2 is useful)
3 - 10
4 - varies dependent on mythic path, but no later than 13 (abundant casting 3 is useful here)
5 - 15

So your build delays abundant casting 3 until you already have level 8 spell slots. And this is without a combined spellbook. With a combined spellbook, you have 7th level spells at rank 3 and 9th level spells significantly before rank 5. There is no way it makes sense to delay abundant casting as you describe.

And being able to do multiple encounters on the world map is absolutely just a convenience. There is literally nothing preventing you from resting whenever you arrive at a destination and rebuffing. Without or without abundant casting, being able to reduce your rebuff time to 1 button press would be very convenient.

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