Beyond Level 20

Since the level cap for any class is level 20, will the game hard cap the levelling at 20 or allow progression pass 20 and let people go into multiclassing?

The level cap in games based on the OGL like pathfinder isn’t the same as a level cap in say… Skyrim.
Leveling isn’t only more HP, more spells and more feats.
Leveling changes your PC, DEEPLY. Beyond level 20, there’s what we know as epic levels.
The power of an adventurer beyond level 20 is SO GREAT, that special feats and characteristics are given to the character. No more normal feats for you sir!
20+ character can top off gods, interdimensional horrors that ALONE could destroy kingdoms or even worlds, maybe in groups even planes!

Also, the progress of a character in OGL games is logaritmic, meaning you start slow but after a point you grow in power like MAD. Finding balance for this is… Hard, to say the least.

That said… I’m talking about OGL games in general. Pathfinder doesn’t have epic levels. Pathfinder has mythic adventures.
You read that right. ADVENTURES. Because to fix the balancing problem and to provide a good experience paizo had the idea to make special clases, special monsters, special systems, special everything.

This isn’t D&D, remember that. This is pathfinder, this is better (don’t kill me).

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Nah, I’m pretty sure we’ll stop it at 20.

xD BK who kills the hype that stoltverd was trying to give

so if we multiclass a character, we won’t get level 20 features in our favored class? or does one particular class cap at level 20, which means I could go say 20lvl in fighter and 5 level in sorcerer (it’s an exemple, don’t kill me) ?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the level 20 cap in tabletop Pathfinder deliberately designed to reward people, who decided against multiclassing and stayed true to their class till the end? Or, at the very least, to make sticking to one class a little more attractive and as viable an option as multiclassing. Either you get the badass level 20 feat or you multiclass. At least that’s the way I remember it.

I think that what Patriarche is asking is if “Character level” is capped at 20 or if levels in any one class are capped at 20. So, if I start as a fighter and reach level 20 as a fighter, am I barred from further level ups or do I just have to take them in classes other than fighter?

I think max level is 20. That will be total level. So you can not create a let’s say: lvl 20 fighter + lvl 20 mage + lvl 20 rogue + lvl 20 barbarian + lvl 20 monk + lvl 20 Druid + lvl 20 Ranger + lvl 20 Cleric or something like that.But you CAN create a let’s say level 15 mage + level 5 rogue. (Or maybe lvl 2 fighter + lvl 2 mage + lvl 2 rogue + lvl 2 barbarian + lvl 2 monk + lvl 2 Druid + lvl 2 Ranger + lvl 2 Cleric or something like that and even ADD 4 level of something more :slight_smile: Just can not remember if there are somekind of rules to prevent you taking every single possible class you can for 1 class [if total amount is under 20 and these classes are not let’s say aligment limited against each other])

Yeah, the sum of your levels should be capped at 20.

Important here: there is a distinction between Pathfinder and DnD 3.5 from which Pathfinder derived.

In DnD 3.5 there was the concept of epic levels, which allowed you to progress beyond level 20 (in a somewhat weird and particular way).

This is not supported in Pathfinder. Pathfinder instead has mythic tiers (present primarily in Wrath of the Righteous AP, but has seen little excerpts elsewhere, like Hell’s Rebels).

Mythic tiers are gained in parallel with normal levels. They’re not gained from XP but from special events. So you can conceivably be level 1 and already have mythic tiers (though that would generally be exceedingly rare). Mythic tiers grant truly astounding abilities (much better than just more +X to some stat), including things like becoming a minor deity (people can worship you and you grant them access to divine spells).

Kingmaker almost definitely will not feature any mythic tiers.

In D&D it wasn’t the levels that were capped so much as the exp points. It made sense since going from level 1 - 2 required much less exp than going from 15 - 16 for example. I’ve never played Pathfinder, so I guess I’m just asking if that’s not the case here?

i think the only way there will go beyond level 20 is if there make a expansion pack but we will have to wait and see if this game is a success

Even if its successful as we all hope; the rules system does not support above level 20 play. They would be homebrewing EVERYTHING from scratch which is wayyy to much to ask for. Their time would be better suited to doing a totally different AP. If they wanted to experiment with something new to challenge themselves, they could attempt to balance mythic teirs in Wrath of the Righteous. Which don’t get tacked on post level 20 they level parallel to you at a slower rate. So you could be level 5 paladin/mythic teir 2 champion. Or a level 10 wizard/ mythic teir 4 archmage. Mythic goes to level 10 at which point youre literally god-like.

oh I see. then if I pick only one sorcerer level to have an electricity cantrip to spam, I’m gonna lose my lvl20 magus features… sucks to pick a bronze dragon as my bloodline -_- the description of the bronze dragon much suited my character than silver dragon, but then for meta reasons I should have picked silver and I could have spammed frost ray for days.

sucks to be me. anyways I have my pally to play as well

The lv 20 capstone for most classes is meant to reward characters that are single class.

Most multi-class builds are usually better at saves, skills and what they can do then most solo classes. (This usually applies to martial characters and less so for full-9-level casters.)

Its balanced.

If a saint with modding skills would create a gestalt mod that would be great! Of course, play difficulty would have to be increased.

O definitely better … better than 5e anyway, which is just lame ass dumb