Better combat encounter and bigger map for WoTR?

what i found in PKM is that 70-80% of the areas or maps… are very small. most small map only have one or few enemies. can we have more variety? some can still be small maps and some with medium size. and maybe more variety in combat encounter?

what i like most about PKM was first and foremost the character builds and combat. i find that most of these small areas can be cleared out easily and pretty fast and doesn’t have much variety in it. there are some nice encounters like the wisp, those high level fey and wildhunt archers or some enraged treant that break valerie front line defense.

if we can have alot more and more combinations of these in WoTR it will be really awesome for me. also there wasn’t much dungeons except the tenebrous and sepulcher.

it will be great if we can have a variety and dozen of interesting different combat encounters.


A bit of variety is good. Is it not? I also prefer lush and big forests for those druid or ranger lovers out there. I was also thinking why just dungeon crawlers. Huge beautiful forest too can be a thing. Sadly the theme is a demon invasion. Wondering if there any part of golarion still not tainted with the invasion.

As for combat. We need more variety of combat encounters. So that each encounters feel engaging and fun to play. I’m not against the idea of thrash mob. We need them but there’s no harm with more variety.

The local maps have to be significally bigger than they were in Kingmaker. If only so that big creatures (like dinosaurs and mastodons) can properly navigate on them. The same applies to enlarged characters: Demon especially gains additional sizes when raging. And that Azata dragon mount could also use more space to stretch its wings.

So count me in for more open, wide-spread terrains and large architectures rivaling the cyclope corridors.

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also in terms of season changes… i much prefer that it’s static. some part of the world will be “snowy” some part of the world will be fiery lava. some part as lush forests. i think dynamic seasonal changes may have too much work for owlcat and not necessary for the better. a static season will be much better and perhaps less resource needed so that owlcat can focus on other more important aspects of the game. static means part of this map is marked as always snowy… or always summer/autumn. something like that.

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I agree that there’s many problems with the maps in Kingmaker. The above examples don’t cover everything I’ve noticed in my playthrus. It would be nice for a more consistent iconography would be a start. For instance, in Pitax, there is the exit from the square to the docs that is marked with the compass rose used to indicate exit to the exploration map. That’s very confusing if you didn’t already know that it leads to another town area. Like with your home capital and where you can go to the Inn, it needs to have been its own icon to indicate that.

Owlcat needs to step up their work to try and smooth things like this out.