Betrayer's Flight or Heart of Rage? Consequences for Kalikke and Kanerah?

Hi everyone,

I’d like to know some of the repercussions of the decision to do Heart of Rage or Betrayer’s Flight first in Chapter 4.

In particular, if I do Heart of Rage first, will that lock me out of late-game content related to Kalikke and Kanerah? Someone hinted that it was so, something about that main quest item you can’t get if you do Heart of Rage first. The thing is, I really do not want to do Betrayer’s Flight first because that would compromise my roleplaying in several ways, and I’m willing to take any main plot consequences. However, I’m not willing to lock myself out of Kallike/Kanerah content since this playthrough was intended to focus on them.

Do I have a dilemma? I’d appreciate any info.

Maybe I missed something but there is no relation between Kalikke/Kannerah and these quests. So you are free to do Heart of Rage first. I do this in my game and I succesfully finish their compagnion quests. But I didn’t make a romance with them but so maybe there is link but I doubt.

Maybe you confuse Amari and Tristant where their compagnion quests were link to theses quests but this is not the case anymore. You are free to do the quest you want first and you will be able to finish their quests. I think that only Tristan’s romance requier to do Betrayer’s Flight first.

I know I can do their quests regardless, but I am concerned about romance and character-related elements of endings.

I wish I could answer you but alas I cannot. I would at least bump this thread in the hope that someone else can answer as I am really curious to find out about that.

It has no effect on the sisters’ content, whatsoever.