Beta 2.1. Turn Based Combat Issues/Suggestions


After a couple of encounters using the Turn Based Combat mode, here’s some initial feedback.

1.1 Using the space bar to speed up movement causes all further actions to be executed at a sped up pace during the current combat and future combats (not just movement, but ALL actions)
1.2. Using the space bar to speed up movement causes out of combat movement to be slowed - both graphically and gameplay. It appears as if the party is running while “encumbered” (which they were not encumbered).

1.3. This behavior is reset only upon closing and restarting the game. Toggling TBC, or pressing space bar again during combat does not remove the above two behaviours.


  1. Create separate keybinds/buttons for “End of Turn” and “Speed up Actions”.
  2. “Speed up actions” could be a separate toggle button/mode.

Overall, the implementation seems rather nice. Somewhat intuitive to use (once it was clear how to delay/end turns).

If there’s any additional information i can provide regarding the above, please let me know.

Will provide more feedback as I have more time with the feature.


When the out of combat movement is slows, press then release V (slow time while held), then press space (unpause). That should reset the speed to normal.

Thanks, this fixes the slow time mode out of combat.

However, the condition where combat actions, not just movement, but all actions taken during combat are sped up after pressing space during a movement action, does occasionally occur as originally reported. Is this the intended behavior?