Beta 2.1.0g - Game Crashes Everytime I Try to Enter Tuskdale Main Square

Try to verify the integrity of the game files.

The files were ok, the game still crashes. I wanted to attach the log, but the forum won’t allow me to upload a zip file.

Are you trying to romance one of the twin? I have seen similar crashes in the past involving twin romance…

Nope, I’m doing Jaethal’s quest line.

Is it a save file that was imported and Jeathal was respected with the mod? Or are you currently using any mod or have been in the past?

It is completely new playthrough in Beta, no mods, no respecs - no even with the official NPC.

Make sure to also report it in game with F11. (and as game breaking?)

Didn’t know I can do that from the game. Will do, thanks.