Best companion related to story?

  • Camellia
  • Seelah
  • Lann
  • Ember
  • Arueshalae
  • Woljif Jefto
  • Daeran
  • Sosiel
  • Regill
  • Wenduag
  • Nenio
  • Greybor

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For me it is Daeran. But his story could be improved.


Team Arueshalae here.

Liberating, loving and ascending her is basically what this game is about for me.

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There’s too much nothingness in chapters 3 and 4.

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For me Camellia has the best story, because it has overarching tension and multiple twists, while also being dramatic and interesting. It has its weaknesses for sure, but overall i think her story is the best crafted one.

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Interesting. Then I guess I have to delve deeper into her story. So far I find her very uncreative and too obvious.

I don’t have her in my group yet. So i wait and see.

You can fetch her quite early in the game (end of chapter 2) if you are fully committed to CG / Desna.

And I MEAN fully committed. It was the Great Dreamers will, and I was more than happy to oblige (as always).

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Arue, Ember, Regill, Seelah, and the Mongrels seem to have had the most relevance to the main plot in my play throughs. I personally liked Regill’s the best, but that’s more because he’s an absolute boss.


I think he’s being ironic.

I don’t think you need to be fully commited or be CG, just have the azata mythic path unlocked and solve the stone altar mini-puzzle.

Voted Regill, because he managed to surprise me with how he sacrificed his hellknight career to help my character, it was a nice change from most of the companion quests. :wink:


But the potential is there and I find some of the others not so creative.

Daeran has the best dialogue and he’s a close second but I feel that the story just kinda ended after the completion of his quest.

Aru, I like the outline / arc of her story but not the details. Shy, blushing, tongue-tied just don’t fit the ascending succubus model but do jive with dating sim / comic book fantasy girl tropes. By her own account she has performed every possible sex act and she spends her nights creeping around as a voyeur so where does the blushing come from? Shame? Sure. Blushing, no, not buying it.

I went for Ember. Partially because the edgelords on reddit have decided she’s the character “that doesn’t make sense / is totally unrealistic !1” but mostly because she’s a good person who chooses to channel her mythic abilities towards redemption. I’m not entirely happy with her secret ending slides but I like all the other slides.

And, as I’ve said elsewhere, if you know the works that inspired some of her dialogues she’s probably the most interesting character. This is the first time I’ve seen a philosophical pessimist represented accurately.

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Totally agree with your opinion about Aru.

Totally disagree with tour opinion about Ember. I like her setup. I sort of like her conclusion. But I do not like her journey. Things work out for her because… she is Ember. Demons - literal incarnations of evil and psychopathy - are affected by her message of peace… because she is Ember. She does not suffer and trials and doubts… because she is Ember. Her projections on other people and demons work out because… she is Ember. I don’t use the term Mary Sue often - I don’t even consider Ray from latest Star Wars to be Mary Sue (just an overpowered superheroe comic book character, like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark that does not suit Star Wars), but when it comes to Ember the whole plot just aligns itself in correct fashion to cater to her character. She must have been some writer’s favurite self-insert. She goes through no real trials, she does not really change, she is perfect as she is… because she is Ember.

I did enjoy her banter with other characters (who all appear to be immune to “Ember effect”). Wenduag has perhaps the best angle with her where she recognizes her as a fellow apex predator - now that’s an interesting side of Ember I would be glad to explore.

Voted Regil. I don’t really think he is Lawful Evil. He is Lawful and EXTREME. He is not about creating unfair laws, sticking to the letter of the law when it suits him, corrupting anyone and bringing anyone down for his nefarious purposes - quite the opposite. He does not demand of others anything he does not demand of himself. Time and time again he’s observations and judgments are validated by the reality of war. And I liked his arc whereby he becomes a true loyal knight and companion, shielding the commander from underhand political maneuvring at the expense of his own position. If that’s Lawful Evil, sign me up.

Wait a minute… I guess that makes me an edgelord. :stuck_out_tongue:

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At ember, what matters to me is how her story continues. I’m not quite through the game yet.
She is interesting, but i am not sure if they take her the boring or the interesting road.

boring road

Yes and that is the reason i never could vote for him. To Extreme for me.

If we talk about that. I think daeran isn’t Evil too.

Seelah is somethink i have seen to often. Her i am so innocent is unrealistic. She lived on the street. Anevia is much more interesting. would have liked to have her as a companion.

and the Mongrels.sighs
Lann is to cliche and Wenduag not mine.

Agree. Anevia would make a great companion.

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I think he is more of “shades of gray” character. He really feels right in the story about desparate struggle to combat superior and downright evil foe. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I agree about Daeran. In comparison with Cemellia, both Reg and Daeran are boyscouts.


Yeah. I think that Irabeth would have been a great companion as well.


Daeran is just immature, somebody who compensates for his lack of a grown up personality with highschool style bullying.

A firm chaotic good hand can lead him to goodness, without sacrificing his freedom or his love for the things that make life worth living.

Thats why I saved him. An inquisitor is irredeamable, stuck in their “lawful” (read: sadistic, narrow minded) ways. A decadent manchild is not.