Best classes for beginners to the Pathfinder mechanics?


I have played other RPGs similar to Pathfinder: Kingmaker, such as Pillars of Eternity but I am unfamiliar with the mechanics of the Pathfinder game system itself. As such, I would like to easy into the game by playing simplistic classes for my first few playthroughs and then automatically, over time learning the other classes (possibly through the NPCs that I will meet along the way) to eventually be able to create more complex characters myself in future playthroughs.

My question is therefore, which classes would be considered beginner friendly, easy to pickup and not too overwhelming with all their accompanying mechanics for someone new, that has some background knowledge for these types of games?

Many thanks in advance!

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Fighter is very beginner friendly and turns out to be powerful and resilient as well. Bards have double the usual action economy (you can sing and cast/fight at the same time) so are also popular with new players and they also help with the skills (skills matter a lot).

Sylvan Sorceror comes with a pet to help you out until you get to your big spells if you like to cast so that was popular in P:K. There’s an item that can give you a pet in this one so less of a priority though your pet can really help in the first few levels.


A really valid Pathfinder strategy is get a big melee character like a Fighter or Barbarian (both of which are available early as NPCs, but also are easy to run as your PC) and then buff the hell out of them. That ends up being the strategy most of my TT parties use.

If you want versatility, Bard is good, though you’ll have a bardic friend from the off, as well. For spellcasters, Sorcerors are easy: you’ll pick spells as you gain levels and then cast them interchangeably. Other spellcasters have greater versatility, but that comes with lots of decisions.



that sounds interesting - which item is this?

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Sylvan Sorc is best caster training wheels for P:K.

If you’re looking for a relatively easy ride while you learn the game, sylvan sorcerer is a great choice. Max charisma and go with grease (your staple encounter contribution at low levels), burning hands (for swarms), magic missile (for wisps), and shield (for personal protection) and then make sure to pick up mirror image and stinking cloud as soon as you are able. Good luck!

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You really only need Grease from among those choices. For Wisps keep up See Invisibility (preferably from your Alchemist or Wizard companion) and Resist Electricity and you’ll be fine.

I agree with people when they say fighter. Really helps with most battles .

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