Beneath the stolen lands roguelike - I always find the wicked chanter

I’m playing the beneath the stolen lands DLC as a standalone. As I understand it, each time you play with a new party you can find only one boss in the dungeon. So on my first run I ran into the wicked chanter. On my second, third and fourth run I already had the wicked chanter crossed off in the journal, but it still appeared again and again and again. I reported it as a bug, but other than that what can I do? I want to be able to progress the story.

It’s not a bug - one of the four “mini” bosses spawn randomly in each run but I think there is a mechanic that’s built in that reduces the chance to spawn the same boss again in the next run - you will eventually get different bosses.

You also need to collect 4 unique items relating to each of the mini bosses (which drops off from random mobs) if you want to see the “true” ending. I got 1 item dropped per each run on average (sometimes I got 2 items and sometimes none in one run until I face one of the mini bosses).

It took me 18 runs to kill all 4 bosses (I killed 3 bosses several times but I only saw Captor and Captive once) and collect 16 items (4 items each for 4 mini bosses).

What?! 18 runs?? I already got bored after the first 2! On the 3rd and 4th I selected the story difficulty so I can breeze through most of the floors and get to the boss as fast as I can to see if I get someone else. I found 8 of the story items so far. Is there a way to force the different bosses to appear? A mod perhaps?

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Huh? I think you’re in the wrong thread.

I found DLC3 extremely fun trying out different class and party builds. Also loved the lore behind bosses.

I think it is designed so that you can come back and play again when you get dungeon crawling itchy.

If you want to play just to progress story, you can always play it in the main campaign. Endless dungeon works differently there - you are guaranteed to get each boss every 4 levels.

The main campaign is also pretty long, and I’ve already done it twice. And from what I read it’s not like I can do the dungeon in one go, I actually have to go back to the dungeon near the end of the main campaign to be able to reach its end.

Maybe take a break and come back when you get an itch then :slight_smile:

5th time! 5TH TIME! COME ON!