Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC

Okay before I complain I would like you to know I loved this game so much after I helped kickstart it I also bought it on console (PS4). I played through the main game spending some 6 days in in game time despite the multitude of crashes. It really is a great game. My question(s). In the dlc beneath the stolen lands i’ve twice been to level 15 beat the weary traveler and picked up 1 quest item then 2 quest items the second time. Now I tried to import my save from the first time and it restarted without letting me choose a boon and I did not have my one quest item. I noticed it defaulted to Azlanti mode and wondered if when I started my first game I turned that off without realizing it and wondered if that was the issue. So I started a new game in Azlanti mode and got 2 items beat weary traveler on level 15 and tried to retire again. No boon no items. I did have it on story both times just because I figured 8-16 may as well make it fast. I’ll get all the punishment my heart can desire on my unfair run. Does it need to stay in normal ‘ default settings? Is it just bugged? If I need to wait because of bugs that is fine, I just don’t want to waste my time. And once again I love this game and can’t wait to see what you do next. I would die happy if you did something in the Shadowrun universe. Or Earthdawn. My 2 first loves

Based on my experience and a couple other posts on this forum it seems like the save import is bugged at the moment unfortunately.


Have you reported the issue through the mail:

If not, we can do it to have this issue added to the issues to be fixed in the next patches.