"Beneath the Stolen Lands" DLC Delayed

Dear Pathfinders,

Not every day brings good news, and, unfortunately, today is one of those other days. We regret to inform you that, after much consideration, we’ve decided to postpone the release of our 3rd DLC, “Beneath The Stolen Lands”, by around a month.

Multiple factors have influenced this decision. We don’t have much experience with procedurally generated dungeons, and the game’s engine wasn’t originally built to support such content. Our goal – to make the DLC endlessly repeatable –demands that we hit a high standard of replayability, and that puts additional pressure on our game designers. Last but not least, we feel that we need to make more time for testing and quality assurance.

All in all, this is a rather ambitious project for us, and we want to make sure we deliver an experience that is worthy of our players’ attention. We sincerely apologize for this delay, and we hope that you understand our reasons.

To soften the blow and share our progress with you, here’s a little sneak peek inside the mysterious underground dungeon we’ve been building all this time. We hope you like what you see!


You can see the revealed screenshots by the link: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791462317226/announcements/detail/1655546286024220422

Well it can’t be helped but thanks for telling us but i have notes something in your screenshots that gives me some hope that you will be adding in some new feats

Thanks for the info (both about the delay and the progress so far). Now waiting for a date in May!

But take the time needed. Everyone want it to be good!

New feats? Furious focus, please! (And my falchion!!!)

It was a good decision and most people will definitely appreciate it. It’s not everyday that we get procedural generation in our crpgs! I am extremely curious as to how you’ve made it work/planned it. :open_mouth:

Take your time. If you feel the delay becomes too long, keep in mind the community is usually happy to take small freebies - so if you add new feats or monsters in the DLC, it might be a good idea to release some of them beforehand, in an ordinary patch. That would also allow the players to track down the (inevitable) final issues with the new content, already before the DLC is released.

Generating dungeons is a fascinating, challenging topic. I wish you success with it - but if it doesn’t work out, maybe it helps to aim a bit lower, for example by predefining dungeon parts (one, two rooms) and combining them randomly. You have a lot of these dungeon parts already in the original game - players will hardly notice if the graphical theme is changed and the room is rotated.