Becoming an adoptive parent to Ember

Hello everyone.

Ember, one of our companions, a child-witch, has by unfortunate happenstance been left on the streets for quite some time. No parental figure, a lost child.
Thankfully, she’s not a romance option (she’s not of age, so that would have the FBI crawling), but I’ve been interested in an alternative path.
Perhaps in her story as the game progresses, we can become something of a parent for Ember. And whomever our lover is can share parental responsibility.


To be fair:

  1. We don’t know her actual age for certain, she might just look like a kid … she is a Witch after all
  2. Even if she were still a teenager; in a world where Chaotic Evil characters can commit genocide, mass-murdering hundreds of thousands, or torturing the innocent, and then still become a King, or lead the Crusade, etc pp, I don’t think a romantic relationship with a teenager would be anything anyone in that world would even blink an eye at, so to speak… especially not if it were consensual.

What I want to point out with 2. is that the world of Golarion isn’t even remotely anything like our world, not just because there’s magic or monsters, but because there’s an entirely different scope of morality and ethics, an entirely different dimension of Evil.

That said, I’m also no friend of “child-abuse-simulators” and would never want to see something like that in a game, but just pointing out that our perfectly justitfied reservations do not and should not automatically translate into any fictional game world.

And all that said, your idea of becoming something like a foster parent to Ember would be quite a nice arc for good characters; me however, I just hope that my Evil (with a capital E!) character will be able to bend her to his will and turn her to the dark side, bring out her evil Witch persona! >:]


Lot of people looking forward to an evil campaign I see.
It’s not really in the cards for me, but it’s nice to see the variety.
Thanks for the input. I recall seeing on the kickstarter (can’t remember specifically who) that she’s roughly 100 years of age. Which, when we translate that to human years, leaves her still below the age of consent for we Americans (hence the FBI joke).
Plus it’d just be weird to romance someone who is described as a child.

I think she is of age (she was born the year the Worldwound opened), she she’s over 100. It’s just that her trauma mentally handicapped her so she stays mentally a child.

Which in our real world would be the key argument actually; that’s the exact reason why it is illegal and a crime to engage in sexual interactions with minors and especially children, exactly because their mind and intellect aren’t yet developed enough for them to be able to make an informed decision and for them to actually even be capable of giving their consent.

Thus, if something similar were to apply in the world of Golarion, Ember would indeed legally still be a child in all regards of carnal interactions, no matter the age of her body.

But I guess all of this will remain utterly academic anyhow, as I do not expect Owlcat to even consider allowing any kind of romance for Ember.

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They’ve confirmed no romance multiple times on Kickstarter so no worries there.

Yeah about that… She’s good aligned, and if the alt cover art is anything to go by, she won’t follow an evil character.


She may he good, but given that she has the mind of a child I wouldn’t say it’s out of the realm of possibility to be able to trick her into following an evil character. I think it would be an interesting arc to slowly turn her to evil.


Probably not, no… shame that so few developers consider writing companions with actually truly flexible alignments/morals/personalities, so that turning them to the Dark Side could actually be possible.

One quite good example would be SWTOR of all things… the Sith Warrior’s story surrounding one of his companions is excellent in that regard, as she starts out a Jedi Padawan, but if you play your cards right, you can actually turn her to the Dark Side and she’ll become your Apprentice (and potential future wife).

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Jaesa Is bae. SWTOR as a whole was hot garbage, but the writing was really good in parts. I am hoping the Owlcat will be able to put in some interesting arcs like alignment changing for npcs.

I hope so too, but with one major caveat:

If they do companions that can experience a profound change of their alignment, i.e. their inner moral compass being readjusted, that should be properly choreographed too… not just “Oh well, guess we should kill him” as it were the case with Kingmaker and Octavia, but something that truly reflects the momentousness of such a character development.

I’d want to see a proper mini arc in and of itself that culminates eventually into the changed alignment, and afterwards I want dialogue, the character reflecting on the events, the new perspective, etc.

Not just a character menu change from “Good” to “Evil” or anything… here’s hoping that if Owlcat want to do something like this in the first place, that this time they’d do it right.

They do have vastly more funds than last time, so I’d say: go for it!


Agreed, I think Ember would be the perfect character for a transition like that out of what we know so far. After all of the learning from Kingmaker, I would love to see Owlcat stretch there wings on this one and explore deeper character arcs. I think with the money and experience they have now they could do a great job on it.


I can see a path with lot of feels where after taking care of Ember through it all she and the MC stick together as Father/Mother and Child. Seems a very emotional piece of a good ending.

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stop bringing real world politics into game pls

We moved on from that conversation already.
Though, a bit weird that they latched onto my FBI joke.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she a elf? She could be older or then she looks or acts. If she really is a child and not an option I’m a little disappointed because I’ve always had a weakness for heroines with tragic or dark backgrounds.

She is an elf, and I believe as Cirex stated above, over 100 years old. She is just mentally a child from the trauma that happened to her. Back to the OP, I do hope that regardless of how they go about it that there is some sort of nurturing arc between the PC and Ember. See above for the path I’m hoping for, but I do think a supportive or parenting role could be an interesting arc too.

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@SneakyD Yes, she is roughly a hundred years old, but not only is she traumatized, but elves don’t reach mental maturity until sometime after 100. She is LITERALLY still a child. Not even an adult in the eyes of her own race.

As someone who plans to be a LE or NE character I hadn’t thought about the possibility of being able to corrupt her into becoming evil of some sort or at least tricking her into following me. That could be very interesting indeed. Also it’d be odd to me at least to act as her parent in the game but that too could be interesting and different.

I’m not even going to take her with me, she’s creepy.

I know you could shift the alignments of a few companions in Kingmaker but it was kinda lame. All you did was make a decision during their personal questline and it’s like a switch flipped and they were suddenly a different alignment. I’d love to have more control over companion alignment and see a fleshed out system where their shift is gradual and believable.