Becoming a demon lord

So most of us know we will be able to become a demon in WotR but my question is do you lot think we will be able to become a demon lord by the end of the game so what do you lot think of the possibility of becoming a demon lord do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea I hope we can become a demon lord :slight_smile:


The real question is: will we be able to successfully woo Areshkagal once we become a demon lord ourselves? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just why?

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^this one gets it. :smiley:

But yes I did not plan on using the demon-path (swarm-that-walks is by far the most interesting in the evil ones). But with a demonic riddler sphinx-attached I might reconsider.


Becoming a demon lord is an awesome idea for a evil MC.
Our success in WotR can leave a power vaccum in the Abyss (in TT we can end with as much as 3 less demon lords than before).
And a optimized mythical high level char has the power needed to keep the job
But if we are wooing mythical ladies, i´d go with Nocticula :grinning:


I really don’t see why you need to be evil to become a demon lord but I do agree with you on the power vacuum if we can’t become a demi god with the legendary mythic path than demon lord is going to be the next best thing for me :slight_smile:

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Because it’s part of the lore! Demons are Chaotic evil by nature.
You should really read this

I have just read it but if I remember right you can become a demon if you are in the abyss for too long we will have to wait and see how Owlcat will be able to make this work in WotR

This is from the WotR Kickstarter page it looks like we might be able to become a demon without being evil

Impulsive and irrepressible, Demons do as they please with no regard for the opinion of others. The Demon is the epitome of rage; a little push is all that is needed to break their self-control and turn them into a force to be feared—by enemies and friends alike. It is up to the Demon to decide whether to allow the inner beast to take control, or to fight it, chain it, force it into obedience.

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Well, we have Arueshale.

If regular demons can become non-evil, i think one created by mythical power might as well never become evil. But the evil choices should weight far more than the good ones, to show a struggle to keep virtuous.


Arueshale became good because of a god. No good god will help you if you chose to become a demon.

True. But the MC is a being above and beyond Arueshale, with a “seed of divinity” within.

I believe it should be able to mold itself into a non-evil demon with hard work and will.

No need for help from gods, although i believe that Iomedae would help an MC that chose being a demon, much like in the AP she still works with a PC that went CE by relying on Nocticula, providing said PC is respectful.


I had no idea about the seed of divinity until you said it I want looking for more info on it and from what I have seen of it I am liking what I see about the seed of divinity it is a big spoiler so if any of you go looking for it don’t get mad that you was spoiled you lot have been warned :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’m more interested in being able to be a Demon and not be evil (I’d settle for Neutral, but I prefer Good.) because I find playing AGAINST the norm to be more entertaining.
Good Demons, Orc and Dwarf Magi, Berserking Halflings and Gnomes, insanity like that.

That’s my idea of a Good time, playing Contractions.

If I am made to be evil by choosing Demon, I am simply not playing that mythic path.

I think you will be able to be at max Chaotic Neutral Demon. But I know what you mean.
I like playing Lawful Good Tiefling(Motherless or Daemon-spawn) Paladin and Aasimar Inquisitor worshiping Rovagug.