Background history

So what background history are you hoping to get in WotR I am hoping that we will get the Jadwiga background history do to wanting to play as a male winter witch in WotR

I think it´d be cool if we had the AP background traits, as unlike most APs, where they´re only flavour, in WotR there are planned encounters designed to match those choices.


Agreed I think it would be odd that there would give us the winter witch but did not let us have the background trait that would fit with the class

The ones for Wrath of The Righteous are a good example of AP traits that actually do have an effect on story, at least a little. One in particular has a pretty major revelation. So those should at least be looked at for inspiration.

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They have already said that they use the bachgrounds from 2Edntion Pathfineder

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Cool but I still want the Irriseni Ice-Witch background feat for my male winter witch character

I have just find out about the touched by divinity feat I hope this ends up in WotR