Backer portal unauthenticated on addons

anyone having this problem?


Yeah, me as well. I actually was going to post a thread about the issue until I saw yours.

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Yep, same thing here, as well.

Same here. :grinning:

Yep, me too! :wink:

Hoping they will fix it soon! :smiley:

Hope it’s not tied to kickstarter accounts and forum accounts potantially having the same usernames, or something in that vein. :open_mouth:

what a relief that’s not only me :smiley:

wondering if can topup more on the pledge amount? also would owlcat be kindly add PKM collector edition if it’s still purchasable? :smiley:

Huh, the Backer Portal is online?
Haven’t even heard any news on that yet…

They are aware and checking it. There seem to be a small problem still with Add-On’s and maybe adding more money allso.

Check your e-mail. They will send you one with link and some information.

And all seem to be working now. I have my Early Access & Alpha Early Access confirmed.

Have done so, nothing yet… hope it’s just a staggered distribution issue, we’ll see.

I’m getting “Promo code not found” when trying to redeem my Kingmaker key.

Just checked again and it was fixed for me. Thumbs up to whoever ironed the site bug out. :slight_smile:

yep, it looks like everything is working now. Thanks for the quick fix, Owlcat!

That’s good to hear, thanks for the update!

Now if only I would get the mail…

I haven’t got any email, is backer portal live?

works for me now too!. by the way… was wondering if there’s an option to change the delivery address in future? currently there’s no way to update/change it. or even see the delivery address that you have entered.

Yes. :slight_smile:

Should I register now… I didn’t get my email.

No wait for e-mail and direct link for you!

Using that link you will create your password and see your pledge + can make your kickstart “order” (add more things, choose add on’s and so on). So better not start messing it up by making multiple accounts.

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OK, who’s that blonde lady? On Backer portal header?

Still not working for me - after it showed “unauthenticated” when attempting to add an add-on, it now shows 403 forbidden when I click on the email link, and not showing any purchases under my account when I just log in with the email address and password… I’m supposed to have the Early Access tier + Alpha add-on.