Backed and nothing

Hi guys. I backed the game with the 45$ pack.
I received an email from Paypal but none from Owlcat.

Can anyone what i can do now, or what i should do now.
I know sit sound a bit odd, but i have no clue as i dont find any information.


Sign in and click on your email in the right corner to see alpha key or your order for example.

If you don’t receive emails from Owlcat then check your spam folder or they have the wrong one?

Personally, i only receive emails from Owlcat concerning the Alpha since the backer portal one (i have a Alpha key) and some kickstarter updates.

Hi, thx for your answer.
If i click on mail top right corner, i only see a message from discobot. Nothing else.

Sign in there to see your purchase order / Alpha key.

I think i found the issue.
As i see it now, only the 114$ Package gives you an access key. Didnt see that before.
There is no upgrade, so i’ll have to wait i guess.

Yes… if it wasn’t for the Alpha updates emails, i will also have no ‘‘news’’.