Back Badge Not Adding

So I tried adding my username to the preorder page in order to get the backer badge, but it hasn’t given me one for some reason.


@Mortheim I have this issue as well. I followed the directions, but my badge hasn’t appeared yet and the poll still says I am not a member of WotR_Backers

I, too, would appreciate some information on how to get my backer status added to my forum account, please.

I had the same problem. What resolved things for me was that I reached out via a Kickstarter message to Owlcat games and they got back to me within one or two days and fixed the problem. A private message to @Mortheim or an email to I think are also avenues that should work. Just chose one of these three options, so as not to flood them with messages. And keep in mind that since this seems to be a rather widespread issue you may have to wait a day or so for a reply.

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I too haven’t got the backer badge… and it has been 9 days at least I’m registered.
That forum is really not working.