Back after month to try new update, not good

Went on to play a different game and now I came back after like 3 weeks and a new update is available, played for like 2 hours, was able to finish and save the Varnhold DLC but now in main campaign I find NEW bugs, now my taskbar disappears, the pause option also disappears, sometimes I cant unpause the game and after each battle in turn based the game gets stuck for a while in battle mode AND cherry on top after playing trough all this new things the game crashes lol…should I just give up?

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just wait for 2 or 3 more patches and then this problems should be solved, the next one has the focus on performance so dont jump in after that one, because the next update will probably not have many bug fixes

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I made a similar mistake. Looking back and from now on, i will always try to read the forum first before blindly playing after a patch in this game. People were mentioning the problems you mentioned within hours after release of the patch. I more or less progressed too far too before i read up on the forum enough.

It’s such a broken mess it could be a while before we can play it trouble free