Attacks of Opportunity not working while mounted

Exactly as it says in the title. While mounted, AoOs will trigger, their animation will play, but will not get an actual attack roll (or damage, for that matter). This applies both to the mount and the rider. This includes regular AoOs due to movement, AoOs on enemies standing up, AoOs from teamwork feats, etc.

As far as I can tell, this is not simply a display issue, as no damage for these attacks is ever registered, and it’s HIGHLY unlikely that both me and my mount have missed dozens of AoOs in a row.

I am not using a reach weapon. This is on a Hunter with a Dog pet. And it’s more than a little bit annoying, as it’s a mounted build that focuses (or was supposed to focus) on AoOs…

Bonus Bug: My MC was wearing a +2 Mithral Chainshirt. It vanished from the equipped slot. It is still providing its AC bonus and is listed in the AC breakdown tooltip. If I equip another piece of Armor in the now empty slot, it’ll show a “conflicting buffs” tag.

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My MC Cavalier with Falcata and Seelah with long sword both do AAOs and do damage (I saw them frequently killing passing enemies). Maybe it is one more problem with mounted use of reach weapons.

The thing is, I’m specifically NOT using reach weapons. I’m running an Elven Curve Blade.

It’s really annoying, as I thought I was being clever, making a mounted melee Hunter, sharing all his teamwork feats (of which he gets tons) with my mount, allowing my mount to take other stuff, while still benefiting from the Outflank/Seize the Moment melee buzzsaw. I’m honestly thinking of rerolling at this point, as it’s not fun watching 1/3 (or more) of my damage just not happen…

I’ve noticed these “fake” AoOs only on certain enemies, such as Ash Giants, Minotaurs and Schirs.
They don’t seem to happen with Ghouls, though.

Did some additional testing. First of all, here’s how it looks in the combat log:


So, in the above example Seelah, her horse mount Bob, my character (Kereru) and his dog mount (Dashenka) all made AoOs, none of them got To Hit or Damage rolls.

I respecced Seelah to give her a mount, to see if it’s just my character that has this issue. Nope, happened to her as well.

Then I started a new game, rolled up a Cavalier and tested it at level 1 on the first Centipede pack in the caves. Same result.

FINALLY, I rolled up a Sohei and SPECIFICALLY gave him a reach weapon (glaive). AND NOW IT WORKS. Both the mount and the rider now get AoOs. For the next pack, I switched to a Longsword, AoOs once again don’t occur. Switched back to Glaive, AoOs work normally.

It would appear that whatever was done to fix Mounted Reach AoOs broke regular mounted AoOs…

Respecced my Hunter into a STR Fauchard build, hoping to solve the issue by switching to a reach weapon. AoOs now SOMETIMES work and are very inconsistent. But more often than not, it’s still the same issue…

I can attest that the same problem is occurring to me as well with my Cavalier character. This was not the case before, but started recently. Don’t know if this started due to an update or certain act/quest encountered. Very annoying and impacts gameplay. I can say that I just recently picked up combat reflexes for character, hoping to increase my AoO output. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t see it listed as fixed under the recent 1.1.4f update list, but it appears the AoO problem has been resolved. :clap:

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Seems so. I gave it another test and it appears to be working. In which case, wonderful!

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