Asking for input on MC class/mythic/gear combos

I’ve been trying to plan out good combos of class, mythic path, and general gear choices based on what I know is in the game. I’d ideally also like to explore some of the new classes and archetypes a bit, and compliment the companion NPCs we’ve been given (which is why I’m shying away from paladin even though this game cries out for one)

I’d be curious to know what people think:

For Aeon:
-LG Sword saint with monk dip, using longswords. It’s a weapon type we know has decent progression. Use the background that gives wis to persuasion to stack AC, will saves, and skill points. I liked the idea of an unarmored dude with a sword striding back through time to set things right. Very Samurai Jack.

For Angel or Azata:
-Some sort of one-handed weapon and shield with added utility. Could be a Deliverer slayer, Sanctified Slayer inquisitor, or a Demonhunter Ranger. Mythic TWF and mythic shield mastery would be the aim here, to have decent AC/saves and just generally look cool with a sword and board.
-NG Celestial Bloodrager Primalist, using whatever two handed weapons and the mythic power attack and crit feats to hit hard. Maybe this would work best for Azata, if only because it doesn’t have to be lawful?

For Lich:
-I kinda like the idea of a lich oracle. Cursed by fate but given great power, you lean hard into trading power for even more curses. Not sure about the synergy as much.

The one I can’t quite piece together is the best way to use warpriest. Do you do a warpriest as an Angel, with reach weapons to do the whole “holy lancer leading troops into battle” vibe? Do you do a warpriest (champion of the faith? Or is that a trap archetype because of MAD?) of a lawful deity to smite chaotic forces, and do Aeon with a two-hander? I really like how warpriests play, I think theyre a great fit for WOTR, they fill an unused role in the party, but I struggle with figuring out which Mythic and what combat style to go with.

Any crit fishing build is best for Trickster, since Trickster and it’s companions can get best crit feats (like Improved Improved Improved Critical Improved). You also can gain ability to turn Nat1 to Nat20.
With 15-20 crit range weapon as base, you can have 13-20 + Nat1 crit range, which is 40% chance to crit.

Frontline sword & board bard works great for Azata, since Bards can cast with a shield without penalty. The Azata story feels like it’s written for a bard and the party lacks a bard, so it’s a great fit.

If you build your bard based on STR instead of DEX, you can do the usual four level Dragon Disciple dip. And depending on your stats (or a DEX belt) you can also go TWF/Shield Bash/Shield Mastery.

Sounds like maybe the bloodrager should be a trickster (maybe an arcane primalist?)

Azata could be bard, or maybe skald just to explore the new classes a bit

Maybe the warpriest goes with angel

Any thoughts on aeon? I love the flavor but don’t know much about abilities

Boodrager is better as a demon. Demon’s get demonic rage and special rage powers. Using demonic rage counts as bloodrager rage so you get both the regular and demonic rage powers (bloodrager rage does not trigger demonic rage powers though).

Trickster gets a number of abilities tied to skills, so it seems to best synergize with a class that has lots of skills like rogue or bard.

Skalds can also do well with Azata. Aeon seems to be built ideally for inquisitor class archetypes

Or barbarians. Or skalds