Ask the Stag Lord anything

Anything at all! You’ve got till I get to the bottom of this bottle!

Why did you keep your cruel father around?
What was the deal with all the kids toys?
Why did you not visit the Nymph, instead of waiting and hoping she show back up for some snuggling?

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The kids toys belong to Auchs, a barbarian with an intellect less than an owlbear, kept around for his muscles and brutality even through he had a childlike mentality.

Has anyone ever gone so far as even to need more to do look more like?

That old slump? Once I had shown him who the real man between us was I wanted to keep him around to remind him every day! You don’t get a trophy and then throw it away at the first opportunity

Toys!?! Oh, yeah, well, whatever keeps that idiot with rocks in his head happy and leaves me alone! With a name like Auchs I thought he would be as stong as a bull, I didn’t know he’d be as dumb as one too!

Ahhh… my dream. People can say a lot of about me, and most of it is just weaklings talking big to be bigger than they are, but I’m no fool! I don’t chase a dream that might not even be real. So perfect that it makes me doubt even my own eyes.

Common boy! It’s not hard ta speak! If ya can’t even speak proper I’ll throw you in the pen with the simpleton!