Arueshalae Sorcerer build - two questions

Two simple questions about Arueshalae:

Approx how many hours of play into the current early access do you gain access to recruiting her in Drezen?

Relevant to this forum section: I’d like to make her a sorcerer (Seeker, for the extra metamagic feats; though I considered Crossblood w/Arcane & Fey, despite the fewer non-bonus spells/feats). Her stats are insane, especially her Cha. Any thoughts on that, once she reaches her 1st leveling point within the party? She seems like a potentially superior arcane caster to Nenio, Ember, & Woljif (I’d likely still have Woljif in the party), at least when it comes to frequency, though not variety. An accurate assessment?

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She can be recruited early-ish in act 3, but not in Drezen. By then she already has dozen of levels in ranger. Granted, there are mythic feats which would give bonus spell slots. But even then she would end up an arcane half caster at most. There is also no way to respec in the beta.

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Pretty sure multiclassing her into anything other than another full martial archer would be mistake because she’s so far down her main class. And frankly, I doubt that any multiclassing would even make sense—maybe pally 2 to improve saves, but I doubt t.

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Hmm. I thought that we’re allowed to turn off the option to auto-level companions in the Beta? It was one of the options I clicked off in the Game menu. Wouldn’t this mean that any new companions I meet would come to me at level 1’s worth of exp, or would only be advanced to level 1 (but would have exp in their back-end for me to then use to level them up to my main’s same level)? I haven’t actually gotten to the point of recruiting companions when I’m at a higher level, so can’t test this.

I thought you could recruit her in act 2? Patch notes specifically say that they fixed it so doing so wouldn’t cause a soft lock or something?

If someone knows how to do it, I’d love to hear it.

I assume that they’re referring to having a positive first interaction with her as opposed to recruiting her into your party, but the wording in the patch notes does make it seem like you could get her early… but I have know idea how.

Desna altar in Lost Chapel. You need 3 items to put on the altar. Then play the melody in correct order. Then when freeing Arue you will get Azata dialogue option.

No. All the turning off allows is to change their current level up progression for new levels. But all previous levels are already hard locked into the companions. You won’t be able to suddenly make Arue into a single-classed sorcerer - more like a ranger 11 / sorcerer 9 at max.

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Wait what? Can you clarify if this is a second visit thing, or where - relative to other events - this even is?

After you get your Mythic Feats head through the Graveyard to the other side of the Mountain where the Gargoyle Chieftain is. You’ll find a Desna Altar along the way to the cave. I hadn’t figured out what to do with it yet but that makes sense. yYou’d get her two or three levels earlier. Still probably a little late for a Sorc but guess you could get her to level six spells by the end if that’s your thing.

Metamagic is poor with spontaneous casters since it requires full round casting, and she would not be a superior caster to the others since Nenio will have plenty of spells by that point and Ember has Hexes so your superior Bow skills wouldn’t find much use.

There are 3 items all have feather icon, they are map(already on altar), sextant and ?harp?. Though loot menu put then on altar. If you click in correct order it will show projection of Arue.
I think order is Middle,Left,Right

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Can one influence Arue’s “growth” either positively or negatively by doing the altar thingy? And how will this work with getting the Greengate location, if not by dream?

They’re saying that if you use the altar she’ll join in jail at lvl 8 or 9 assuming.

I know, but this wasn’t what I asked. Greengate has nice items and it would be a shame if recruiting her early would lock the location out of a playthrough.

Can’t imagine they’d do that. You’d just go together like other companion quests, probably with a boost from finding her early.

I forgot to mention this earlier. Get the respec mod and build her into whatever you want.

It created bug, but it is already fixed, otherwise you still get the same. Just instead of dream she ask you in person to go to Greengate.

No, she just no longer as NPC kills few demons in cutscene, so you can say that it is just smidge harder.


What Respec Mod? There is one for PF:KM but yet for PF: WoTR?

He’s saying there will be for Wrath. It was superfluous for P:K.

Yeah I waiting for it already :slight_smile:
My current run with Valerie as a Mutation Warrior is really great :smiley: