Arueshalae Imprisoned

I’ve advanced the Arueshalae quest line through the incident at the tavern, and the quest doesn’t advance at all when I go talk to her in the prison. Going through the Midnight Fane causes the quest to auto-fail, which I would very much like to avoid. Any advice on how to advance the quest would be much appreciated.

I’d bug report it.

Assuming you had the conversation with her about her moving to the prison, I think it should have advanced.

I’ve not had a lot of luck with her actually leaving the prison (regardless of how I do the conversation or how she says she feels about it), but I also don’t think I’ve gotten a “quest failure” pop-up either…

Wait few weeks, she should then leave cell.

Just tried this. I passed 2 in-game months and she’s still just chilling in the cell. Do you know if there are any dialogue responses elsewhere that could cause the quest to botch?

i have the same issue… not sure what to do at this point.

Educated gues: It is a bug. You have dialog options where you react to her being in prison, after choosing those you should get a quest update. A. never follows you out of the prison (right then and there), but the quest would be marked as finished. There is nothing else you need to do than choosing one of the relevant dialog options.

Yes, after exploring your dialogue options you can finish the sidequest. But if you don’t do it, you fail, which may have consequences or not.
Edit: not sure about alignment/path playing into it.

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I ended up reloading an earlier save just to be safe, and I think I got it to proceed correctly. Is she supposed to say something to the effect of telling me to leave her alone because she’s afraid I’ll tempt her to do something she’ll regret?

I think that’s one resolution, but not the best one I assume. You can definitely get her to agree to leave the dungeon (though as noted, she generally doesn’t- at least not before I end Chapter 3)

Can you make arue go evil in this beta ?

No. Technicaly yes but because after pushing her to evil in chapter 4 she leaves and does not return (which seems to be bug, or it is not yet implemented) it is useless since you do not see it.

thanks but do you know if this will be ad before the official release ?

Nope don’t know. (20 characters)

They likely won’t add anything anymore to the beta