Aru, Espionage Expert, Hunter’s Bond

Custom Archetype (Espionage Expert): love it. Taking away the pet highlights just how strong Hunter’s Bond has always been but people never knew since they just took the pet. Especially with the number of Demons you’re fighting. Perception per level/2 (also available on Inquisitors and Rogues/Slayers (via Trapfinding) is such a strong background ability. Good to see it on two companions.

Suggestions for improvement: Menacing Combat Style fits better for CHR-based. Archery Style lacks enough Feats you want (you get Improved Crit via Aspect of Falcon on Rangers and Improved Precise doesn’t do enough without Cover mechanic).

With free Stealth should not only include Camouflage but move it earlier, maybe in exchange for a spell slot (Sword Saint mechanic).

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Did you level her pure Ranger? I like throwing Rogue on my archers since generating sneak attack opportunities is so generous by the engine.

I’ve resisted the urge to Rogue her though, and have followed through on pure ranger so far.

Yes. Sneaks are bad/superfluous. Rangers do plenty of damage already. Here’s two from P:K (Amiri is Barb2/Freebooter with the Necklace of Double Crosses I think):