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Welcome to this thread, where I will post my Pathfinder:Kingmaker inspired fan art!

This is a portrait of the very first character I played, a Magus!

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Awesome work :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

How can people draw so well ? I’m always in awe in front ot that. I love this piece of art.

Thank you very much @NoOneofConsequence, I’m happy you like it! :slight_smile:

That is… really good. Professional artist level good.

Thank you very much, that is a huge compliment! ^-^

Amazing! Keep up the good work.

Whoa! That is some of the most beautiful fan art we’ve ever received 0_____0
Would you mind if we shared that on our Twitter and other media? The people should now their heroes! Thank you very much!

@k0tarsis Thank you so much for your comment - that means a lot, and I’d be honoured to see her featured on your Twitter account or wherever you see fit! :smiley:

Two new baronesses - a druid with her Elk companion and a spellcaster lady! :smiley:

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I wanted to do an artwork for Tristian for ages, and finally, here it is:

Title: … and to wash away all sin

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You are truly an exceptional artist! Owlcat should add these portraits directly into the game so they are beautiful.

That is a wonderful compliment, thank you! :smiley: If you like any of these portraits, you are most welcome to use them for one of your own characters!

Thank you I will surely have been going to make a Erastil’s Cleric with an elk as a companion and I believe that your beautiful portrait of the druid will do just for me.