Armag's Tomb Problem

Platform: Mac Catalina

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible: I am in the tomb, but there are no stairs to the second level - unless they’re behind the door in the NW that I can’t open even though I passed the book illustration tests. We have high perception so even if it’s hidden that shouldn’t be a problem. This seems to be a game stopper for me! I’d appreciate some help!


No the stair are not there. This is just a room with a relic piece and some minor loot.

The stair are at the southern part of the first floor. Double check…

Thanks for the reply, but I guess I didn’t explain it correctly. I was trying to get to the second level and pressing the switch in the NW corner didn’t open the door in the NE. I finally figured it out though - I found a photo online and saw that I was in the right place so I had my rogue go back and click the switch a few times, but the door still didn’t open.

I then had the idea of clicking the “eye” icon and then when he pressed the switch twice, the door in the NE finally opened. I hope this will help others having the same problem.