Area effect spells killed my companions in camp, after killing Khorramzadeh

I was barely able to finish this combat against Khorramzadeh and vavakia on map Threshold. I cast several area effect spells there near the end of this fight, and after winning the fight, scripted event immediately removes my companions and places them, and all other companions to a camp that spawns there. The problem is that all my area effect spells remained active, and started killing my companions. I could not do anything about it, because my main character wasn’t the one to cast them, so I couldn’t cancel them. Dispelling active area effect spells doesn’t work in the game - e.g. with Dispel Magic (Point)
So, I was left watching several of my characters die while I could not do anything.
Imagine having to wait 20min for the Blade Barrier spell that killed my companions to run out, so that I try to resurrect the companions that I can’t control at that point.

Maybe you can skip time or rest in camp.

You can rest there by speaking to the cleric NPC, but that is not my point.
My issue is not with resting, but how my companions were forced out of my party and placed on pre-set locations where they can die. If this scripted event has to happen, why doesn’t the game cancel out any ongoing spells that can kill them on those locations? Especially since the companions that cast those spells are now out of my control.

Resting may help to not wait 20 mins of real time. However yes: this is frustrating.

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