Are you considering NWN style expansions?

If I understand survey right, and questions about episodic dlcs… please don’t make episodic games. What NWN1 do was cute, but was cute after I played the game after all dlcs were out.
NWN1 style expansion pass would be dope as long as content full… but I don’t want episodic dlcs like episodic games.


The survey spoke indeed of episodic releases. Not the NwN Expansion/Premium Module kind. But actual episodic releases like Life Is Strange and so on. For my part I strongly advocate against the episodic game format as well.


I’ll also add my voice against periodic releases, as I’ve also done on the survey.

If there has to be paid DLC for an RPG at all, it should be in the form of what The Witcher 3 had, especially with Blood & Wine, i.e. actual addons that give you new story, new areas, but with the same character(s), and more importantly: seamlessly and elegantly integrated into your game, without any immersion-killing need to switch characters or even having to go to Main Menu to change back and forth.

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I think it would be cool if they had a “Module” system for DLC where players can pick from a wide array of cheap, mini-DLC that fit somewhere between mods and expansions in terms of content. It could be normal stuff like a new companion or more unique stuff like a new difficulty mode that follows the PnP rules more closely. Players could pick only the modules they actually want.

That being said, I much prefer the traditional “Expansion” system for DLC. I’m more than happy to wait a year or two (and pay a lot of money) for a major expansion comparable to Blood and Wine for The Witcher 3 or War of the Chosen for XCOM 2. Those expansions added so much content to the game that they were practically sequels rather than expansions. War of the Chosen even fundamentally changed how the game was played.

As for the “Episodic” system for DLC, I’ll pass on that unless Owlcat has something unique and compelling in mind. I lose all the momentum in my playthroughs if I take a break for more than a couple of weeks and usually just end up starting a new playthrough. If they decide to go this route, I’ll just wait until all of the episodes are released and play them back to back.


Maybe because I only really got in to NWN when I played the Diamond edition and only played the original campaign and hordes of the Underdark, I didn’t have the same reaction. What actually occurred to me was that there are a number of Paizo APs where the individual chapters are sufficiently discrete (and there are no gimmick systems like Kingdoms or Naval combat or whatever) that this would be a good way to do them. I’d be perfectly happy to play Rise of the Runelords that way, for example. It would be terrible for something like Kingmaker or Wrath, but there are others that would be perfectly fine. It would probably not be good with:

Jade Regent (caravan mechanics (which were universally hated), new classes and a bunch of new items) - I think it would have to be its own game, Skulls and Shackles (naval combat - also not a good candidate in general because PoE II beat them to the punch), Serpent’s Skull (not really episodic - once you get to the city you’re fairly consistently doing stuff), Ironfang Invasion (like Wrath, there’s a war on and it would be jarring to just sort of stop for a few months).

It would work well with Rise of the Runelords, maybe Crimson Throne, probably Second Darkness (and I know James Jacobs has said he’d like a second kick at that cat as they weren’t really happy with how it turned out and was received), Shattered Star.

Dunno Ubisofts episodic DLC weren’t so bad, I rather take 3 connected DLC taht tell one story than 3 DLC with random stories

I have enough trust in Owlcat that I’d subscribe to episodic DLCs. I have some concerns about discontinuity between the episodes, but my time is scarce enough as-is that discontinuity is inevitable for me. CRPGs are so rare that I more or less support all of them.