Are skills check SUPPOSED to be one and done, or is that a bug

Im still on my first play through and… I’m noticing a trend. All skill checks are one and done… everywhere.

Like the weird righting in Abyss, if you roll to understand it and fail, you can never try again even if you come back days later.

First, that is not at all like the game pathfinder. You can trying a given knowledge check once a day.

But really the biggest problem with this is its NOT fun. It closes down entire quest lines because of a bad roll.

Nothing seems to change this reality, even bring in an expert, like the scroll mage, effectively changing your party composition, makes no difference.

If this is a known bug ok that’s one thing
But the bottom line is it’s NOT FUN to have the game set up this way. Quite the opposite it takes away from the experience and forces you to save before every skill check, and what fun is that? The answer, it’s not.

To each their own, I guess. That’s what Discussions are for. Personally, I prefer one chance. Regarding the game pathfinder though …

Quoting page 100 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Giving a chance each day seems like a house rule.

This part I could definitely agree with - well, maybe agree with. Closing down entire quest lines because of a poor roll seems problematic. Presumably, these would be side quests but even for those, I certainly might get frustrated.

Thats why i mentioned changing the party comp.
That may be all that YOU know, but if you change your party comp you should get another chance

And again its not fun, you incenting people to save before every skill check. Why… do… that. Its boring and takes you out of an experience.

And when you level as an example, you learn more. Should you be allowed to try that check again, or research it.

I just, from a playability perspective, find this to be a net negative to the game. Its a gotcha without purpose and shuts down whole archs of the game like the writing i mentioned. I dont get to do that now unless i start over. Thats a frustration without purpose…why do that?

You have enough abilities to autopass all skill checks. By the time you get to the Abyss Touch of Good from Sosiel will give you +7 minimum.

There are no crit misses. If they’re too hard for you turn down the difficulty. Those writing checks gate a series of very tough fights for expert players. If you’re missing them it’s because you aren’t ready yet.

Perception checks can be retried after you level.

You don’t have to start over, you just don’t get that optional fight.

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The whole point of expert level play is making bad rolls irrelevant. You’re intended to get your Religion Lore to a level higher than the check. Very doable.

True - different characters that haven’t yet tried would get the check in pen & paper. In fact, even for the original check, each character would get a check rather than just one check from whomever has the highest modifier.

Disagree here. Frustrating, sure, but I still think it’s fun. I think allowing multiple checks would make things more tedious and therefore, less fun. For example, in my game, I noticed several characters miss a Perception check in Daeran’s Party House. It was a bit tedious to watch through the video to find out exactly who missed the checks. Later, given more attempts to buff up perception, one of my characters made the check.

Suppose the same thing were true for each Knowledge/Lore check in the game - most of which provide a trivial amount of xp and some background. Given the opportunity, I’d find it extremely tedious to try to prepare for more checks, yet, I’d do so anyway - Fear Of Missing Out. This is one of the reasons I prefer one check only.

Agree, and given the chance, I don’t think I’d have the self control to avoid doing so. (This is one of the reasons Last Azlanti appeals to me.)

Seems like an excellent house rule which has precedence with other skills. For example, Spellcraft attempts to copy new spells into a spellbook can be retried after gaining a rank.

I haven’t experienced this yet in WotR - at least, not yet as far as I know. Granted, I’m still on my way to Drezen. (No spoilers, please :grinning: )

Nevertheless, this feature was at least partially present in Kingmaker. For example, failing certain skill checks at various points in the game shuts out the Special Secret Ending of the game. I don’t know if it shuts out the final story arc completely or if it just prevents the Nyrissa romance ending.

I don’t think missing out on optional material makes the game “not fun”. I think it is fun to try to overcome obstacles that might arise from missing various checks. It might not lead to the “best” conclusion to the game, but it’s probably not supposed to be easy to find whichever conclusion appeals to you.

There’s been a couple of times where I accidentally had the wrong character selected when attempting a check. This seems to fail the check for the whole party, and the party member who is best at that check cannot reattempt. Is it supposed to be this way? Is this how it is in tabletop?

Try to always have all characters selected, when doing a check, then the game should select the one with the best bonus. Backspace is the shortcut for it


For tabletop, it depends on the situation and the GM. In some situations, each character makes a check and only the highest result is relevant. This is how it typically works for Knowledge checks. Other situations, such as the entire party trying to sneak past something, each character makes a check and only the lowest result is relevant.

However, tabletop also has the “aid another” action which, in this game, I’ve only seen in camp roles. In my experience with tabletop, this is typically done for social situations - the character with the best modifier rolls as the primary, and others roll with a DC 10 to give a +2 bonus to the primary.

Having the wrong character selected for a one and done check seems like it might be something that could be addressed (it won’t be addressed by Owlcat in this game - maybe a mod could do it), but it might be more complicated than it seems. For various Knowledge/Lore checks where there is no reason to not use the highest modifier, it’d be nice if the game used the highest check (at least, the highest check of everyone present) even if a specific character is selected. However, in other situations for other checks, the player might intentionally choose a different character - perhaps anticipating follow up checks restricted to whomever made the first one. (This was common in Kingmaker during illustrated book scenes.)