Are Camelia's side quests implemented yet?

Other than the trip to Horgus Gwerm’s mansion (and an astonishing number of interesting objects observable), and the occasional comment during dialogs with other NPCs, she’s had nothing new to say to me by Act 3.

There’s a door I wasn’t able to open in the mansion - I initially assumed we’d eventually be back but we don’t appear to be able to return to Kenabres - was it necessary to find the way in? Are there perception rolls you need to make when you keep finding her with bodies at her feet? Am I just making bad dialog choices, or am I looking for something that isn’t there yet?

She has a quest in act 3. Starts quit late, so you need to skip a lot of days or do other stuff first. Her quest is connected to when Anevia visits you for a murder investigation. So do that

Thanks. With moving armies around it feels like more time has passed than is actually the case.