Archetypes you want to see

Paladin: Faithful Wanderer Magus: staff magus,spellblade Fighter: lore warden,rondelero duelist Oracle: Purifier,Elementalist
Ranger: Trapper,IIlsurian Archer Wizard:Spellbinder, Swordbinder Monk: Martial artist

All I want is Saurian Shaman.

Wizard: Exploiter Wizard. I want this so much. My favourite archetype.

Trap breaker and preservationist for alchemist
arrowsong minstrel bard
Hexcrafter magus

I second Martial artist monk and exploiter wizard.

Witch: Hagbound, Dimensional Occultist, Putrefactor

Oracle: Black-Blooded Oracle, Possessed Oracle, Planar Oracle

Sorcerer: False Priest, Mongrel Mage

Antipaladin: Seal-Breaker

Wizard: Undead Master, Pact Wizard, Siege Mage

Barbarian: Flesheater, Mooncursed

Druid: Planar Extremist, Devolutionist, Blight Druid

Witch: Seducer
Cleric: Great Old One Cultist
Oracle: Possessed
Sorcerer: False Priest
Inquisitor: Heretic

Druid: Shapeshifter werewolf (Wildness, shredding, bleeding, brutality, corpses eat for accelerated HP regeneration (only humanoids / animals), no magic possible in form, howling for fear, appearance becomes more threatening and wilder in the higher levels and the fighting power increases, due to wild existence loners / Outcast = Malus social talents etc.)

Druid: Specialized healer class
with the druid. Has better healing spells over time that are conjured up like bullets on companions and do not require touch. Summons dryads, forest spirits, nereids, etc. that heal supportively but do no damage…
I like to heal with nature magic rather than to work divine magic :slight_smile:

Mage/Warlock: Necromancer with 2 permanent undead servants that you choose between melee and wizard and who like the animals of the druid also improve with the level. Spells that require corpses, do not occupy magic spots per day, but are constantly applicable such as quick corpse decomposition with poisonous gases, revival, shaped meat zombie, blood simulacrum and bone golem. Magic death and decay and grave cold, as well as alchemical conservation practices.

Monk “Sōhei”(Glefe/Stick): Combat style with glefe and stick, vortex attacks, technically shaped fighting style with glefe + special attacks.

Rune writer:

Battle runes, protective runes or runes of healing.
Runes require different summoning times / writing times and are magically drawn on the ground (under enemies / friends) during the magic season, written in the air in front of the magician, or stamped on weapons and armor / shields for a certain time.
Depending on the strength, better known as rune power, the writing takes longer or shorter and becomes more powerful.

Rune signs that are interrupted in battle fade slowly and do not have to be rewritten immediately. If only one round passes after the interruption, the starting rune magic can be completed before it goes out and has to be rewritten.

Rune writers wear a maximum of leather and usually use the staff in battle, which they can charge with rune magic and can therefore use certain magical charges.
(Something similar to calling lightning from the druid)

runic power
Rune power builds up in combat. There are two directions on a scale.
Start neutral in the middle. Combat magic and healing is weak here.
The more combat spells / buff spells you speak, the more the scale swings to the right and allows more powerful damage runes. However, healing and protective runes are no longer possible.
And the other variant is healing and protective runes. If you write the protective runes in combat and heal your team using rune powers, the scale turns to the left and combat spells are no longer possible.
After a certain number of rounds, the rune power tends to return to the neutral position, so to speak it degrades.
After the fight, she also returns to neutrality.
There are special writing methods in higher levels, which make it possible to jump immediately left or right on the scale (i.e. more power per type of rune power). A master of rune writing can also switch from one type of rune power to the other side.

Rune magic comes from the dwarves and they have special bonuses when dealing with rune magic.

Arcanist: Occultist.

Such a great all around Archetype.

Sin Monk… such a cool concept & I love Monks, but hate having to be lawful - sooo… this is my biggest wish at the moment and I really hope it will be added one day.

Sin eater:There is a sect of inquisitors in some religions that believes it is not enough to hunt the enemies of the church—one must also devour those enemies’ sins. More benign versions of the practice believe that sin, or evil, is taken out of the world when a sin is devoured, denying the enemy’s soul to the enemy’s god and purifying the world of its taint. Followers of malevolent churches believe that consuming the sins of good folk not only corrupts the enemy soul to keep it from the celestial planes, but also taints the souls of those who witness the sin-eating or the corpse of its victim. Consuming sins empowers the sin eater, at least for a time.

I wrote a story for a cannibal elf years ago and it would probaly fun to play it in a video game.

Mutagen Warrior: Alchemist Mutagens, full BAB, heavy armor, crit resistance from preserved organs, and spontaneous healing. That provides a lot of protection against natural 20s with blur/displacement, and the potential to have massive strength. Probably a TWF build because of full BAB. I’d have to think whether there’s a way to incorporate some sneak attack (perhaps a slayer dip), mirror image, and 4 lvls of dragon disciple for the 4 str and 2 natural armor.