Anyone play the Kingmaker AP before?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I’m just curious. I tried to run a game of it rather recently (within the last year) so the first book is kind of spoiled for me but sadly I had to cancel the game due to time and energy on my part.

If you have played in or ran it, how well did you like it? Remember to please keep spoilers to a minimum or non-existent, okay?

I ran it for a couple groups, though neither to completion. Were I to run it again, I think I might insist on the kingdom in the background rules. Also, there’s the whole disconnect of why are a kingdom’s ruling council leaving the kingdom for 75% of each month on potentially deadly adventures that never really sat right with me. Exploration was interesting in theory, but in practice, the combats were almost always nukeable. I did enjoy the concept of it though, and think a bit of work and refining could make it outshine its own popularity.