Anyone had that bug?

Just before battle in Drezden, when you get briefing in your commander tent.
Right after briefing ends, first sign of bug is that i cannot see stack numbers in my inventory.
I also cannot sell anything after that. Items got put on transaction in trade window, but game says all of them worth nothing, and you cannot confirm transaction.
And lastly, and worst, when battle of Drezden begins, game doesn’t show spell, ability and belt buttons above character portrait. For weird reason with exception of Nenio. I can select her spells. And when i do - it’s just got stuck there (visually).

I though maybe bug will persist only through Drezden, so i tried to quickly rush it on story difficulty, but it persisted beyond, to the point of been utterly unplayable.

Hello Demiwyrm.

Taken you don’t use any mods, please use the in-game reporting tool (ALT+B). It will send the bug report directly to the dev team.

Did you create any metamagic spells? Probably for Nenio. That would explain the ability bars disappearing. It’s a long standing issue.

Do not use metamagic feats, ever. You have described what happens if you do.

I… had use one mod. Full respec mod.
I had uninstalled both mod, and unity mod manager to try see if it would fix it - it wasn’t :frowning:

I actually did. Although it worked fine for quite a while. Like i said it all went down just before battle of Drezden.
I’ll try respec here with not having metamagic feats at all.

Although also i fully respec her (with mod) as alchemist. Which actually made picking of extended spell feat for her even more pointless.

Well, i tried un-prepair all metamagic spells from Nenio - it didn’t helped.
Also a thing… where you can write down metamagic-altered spells in your spellbook - you actually can’t delete those. And it’s not just related to possibly current bug, but overall QoL. What if i write down metamagic-altered spell, that i wouldn’t want to use later on? Thee surely should be an option to delete those spells.

Last thing to add.
Even though i tried to un-prepair all meta-magic altered spells from Nanio, she still had “extended potions” feat (reminder that i respec her as alchemist). Not sure if game count that as meta-magic altered spell or not.

Having a feat does not matter. Using a metamagic feat causes the trouble. You have two ways out: go back to a save where you have not yet prepared metamagic, or go to Hilor for a respec.

I would not rely on a mod right now, if I were you. They may handle things not the same way as the game does now and produce their own problems.

Hm… i suppose i can try and rest one more time at the tower, prior to Drezden, with no metamagic spells/(potions) prepared.
Although again i had several metamagic spells written down for several spontaneous spellcasters. I hope bug occur only with prepared metamagic spell, not just written down in “spellbook”.

Put temporarily game “on shelf”, but might try to “unbug” it in a week or so.

Prepared and written in book is one and the same thing here.