Anyone else stuck in the Mage Tower?

So the Mage Tower (middle of chapter 4, on the mission from Shamira) it seems to get stuck.

The Adamantine Golems were bad enough…but I was able to figure out how to defeat regeneration that is bypassed by nothing.

After that, the first time I tried it I was able to turn on the elevator, and then go find Storyteller coming through the portal. But going back I can’t get out; there’s two door icons - one in the center of the tower that was the elevator, and the other is the door going down the stairs - but neither activates when clicked on.

Solving the puzzles of all the platforms didn’t seem to help either.

I figured maybe I missed something, so I went and replayed it from the start of the tower, and the second time was worse; even after solving the platforms, I couldn’t go through the door up to find the Storyteller like I was the first time.

Eeek! I think I’m stuck…not sure if this is a bunch of bugs, or I’m missing something.


ps did anyone find Lann’s destination in the upper city to finish his quest?

Fixed via the usual “get old save, replay, reboot now and then, hope it doesn’t keep happening”: :slight_smile: