Any Updates on WotR?

I am in beta. Does the Steam Client automatically update to latest version? I have not seen an update in more than a month?

We’re still in Alpha. Alpha v2 should arrive by the end of summer, probably end of August or early September. Beta won’t come until months later.

Is it me or were there 3 different people asking about Beta in the last 4 hours, when there were no questions about it in months ? Did something happen ?

Ahhh… OK, Just wanted to make sure I did not mess something up and was not getting updates. Thank you for replying.

Hi yes, I asked a little while ago because I received an email from Kickstarter stating Pathfinder had reached beta. The email was not clear (at least to me, that it was for Pathfinder Kingmaker and not for WotR).

That’s weird. Kingmaker beta test for PC/Linux/MacOS was two years ago, and WOTR should not be before the end of the year. And it seems a bit late for beta-testing Kingmaker’s console versions that are to be released in 4 weeks.

I wonder what that email was about… :thinking:

Edit : Oh, well, it seems that was indeed the beta for consoles :

Yes, I’m reading the Patch notes right now. Thanks. :wink:

Email I got says the game will release less than a month, this can’t be right?

Read it again, whole email and carefully this time please.

It is the new enhanced version with turn based combat and other fixes that they added to the console versions. It is schedule for release in August.

That’s most likely related to the news that Kingmaker received a Beta Patch for Version 2.1, which is the one introducing the “Definitive Edition” with dev-enabled turn-based combat.

I actually just remembered it, and came here looking for the very information you supplied (thanks) and might have made a post if I hadn’t finally seen it. I’ve had the Alpha since v1 dropped and played it a few hours and really enjoyed it, but with real life and other games I uninstalled it and put it out of my mind. I didn’t even know if it was still going on, let alone that we were getting a v2 later this summer, so that’s very cool.

Well I hope we get the alpha soon I just pre-order WotR so I want to get my hands on it :slight_smile: